Would you consider competitive marching band a sport?

My father, my band director, and I are making a movement for the entire state of Washington to make competitive marching band a sport. That way we get a cut of the ASB funds as this year we do not. But considering, we do all the things that a sport does, and more. I mean we are on a field for 2 1/2 hours every night running around so we can reset and get as many runs of the music in as possible. Most colleges call their marching bands “Athletic Bands” so they get a share of Athletic money and venues. We also do go to competition. Type in BOA in google. Thats the competition for the entire country. So it’s competitive enough. We also hire coaches and staff. Like a football team would have a defense coach and an offense coach, the band has a drum coach, woodwind coach, and brass coach. We are serious about making it happen. I want to know what you all think.

Answer #1

No….Yes, they do walk around and play their instruments but it is not really in the same elite as basketball, football, swimming etc etc….Imagine getting paid a 6 figure cheque for blowing into a trumpet.

Answer #2

well i meant on a school level, but yea there are people who do that kind of stuff hold on i will embed a video of corps you will see how intense and elite it gets.

Answer #3

Sorry, I was thinking sport in general….School level would be find, gives students something productive to do. Imagine parents yelling and screaming on the sidelines, “blow the trumpet harder son”. or “hey, that kid elbowed my kid whilst blowing the flute, did you see that”…

Answer #4

listen to their incredible sound. they play beautiful music. but at the same time, they are RUNNING on a football field. they have to control their breathing while putting moving. It’s a lot harder than just running on a football field.

Answer #5

its a little different since they dont perform at the same time, but the cheers and the critiscims are the same. one year a band sang during their performance. They had to make new rules to make that legal. It was a big controversy.

Answer #6

not rly

Answer #7

yes i do because ping-pong is a sports tennis is a sport pool is a sports so why shouldn’t competitive marching band be a sport for every sport you have to have a talent and it still applies with competitive marching band

Answer #8

Well im in a high school marching band and just because we dont ran around with some sort of ball or what ever doesn’t mean it shouldnt be called a sport a sport is a sport if you compet against someone like football teams go and plays against other teams cheerleading is a sport and they go against another team physicaly they show off there stuff and get judged in a compation just like band just because its not as physical doesnt mean it shouldnt be called a sport

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