Why is it that sideline cheerleading is considered a sport and Marching Band isn't?

I mean, I have complete respect for competitive cheerleaders but really, all sideline cheerleaders do is wave their arms and yell things. How does that make any sense?

Answer #1

I would say probably because in cheer leading you are some what active, you know jumping around and stuff. In marching band, it’s mostly just playing musical instuments. I don’t know really.

Answer #2

I never thought cheerleading was a sport and now a federal judge agrees with me. [link removed]

Is band a sport? No. Who are they competing against?

Answer #3

Obviously other bands. See, people don’t get all the work that goes into it. We don’t get any f*ing respect even though we spend a full week waking up at 6, practicing for hours on end,and then going to bed at 11, only to wake up and repeat that st all over again.

Answer #4

Believe it or not, Marching Band is really difficult, especially for me personally. I play the 4th bass drum which weighs 60 pounds and like I mentioned in my reply below, I have to wear that thing from 6 in the morning to 11 at night while memorizing drill and learning all the music. Plus, the harnesses for the drums are not designed for women so I’ve got all 60 pounds resting on my shoulders and boobs. It hurts.

Answer #5

hmm, i never thought about this before… But then again. cheer leading is a sport but how many cheerleaders after high school ever use cheerleading to there benefit. people in band can use there ability to play an or many instruments far beyond the years of highschool.

Answer #6

In Indiana its considered a sport because you can get gym credit in high school for doing it.

Answer #7

being in a marching band is a talent becuz u learn and play the instruments while cheer leading u need to be physically fit and flexible and strong like in basketball, soccer or tennis

Answer #8

I never said it wasn’t hard.

Answer #9

theres a lot of things around that should and shouldnt be defined as a sport. with cheerleading though they are physically moving and “dancing”. so it does take effort. with a marching band there really just walking around playing an instrument, but then again that itself also takes a lot of physical work, especially with the part of the body they use to play their instrument. wether it would be an actual sport though i dont know, i wouldnt think so

Answer #10

Good point about using their instrument playing ability after high school.

Answer #11

Competitive cheerleading involves a little more than just “waving arms and yelling things”. They do many flips, complex moves, and jumps. If you youtube “competitive cheerleading” you’ll find some cool videos of routines.

Answer #12

because you playing music and not working out. your just marching. its like saying “why isnt a country band a sport?”

Answer #13

ha ha, good one

Answer #14

a sport isnt something you do alot of physical stuff like golf or ping pong there sports because the compet against someone marching band should be a sport because it compets against alot and its harder to get awards for that than say football

Answer #15

not too sure… plating an instrument and walking long distances while carrying it and in hot attire is very stressful. maybe because of the dealio with the high school social structure… its very competitive too as is cheer-leading. personally coming from a person who played bass clarinet(3 yrs), clarinet(6) and oboe(2) it should be considered so due to effort, practice and workout coming from all of it and better lug ability, but high school is to blame along with the cheer-leaders issues…

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