coming up fer drugs

ok so I have to take U.A.’s and B.A.’s fer anyone who doesnt know what they are;;; U.A.’s- pee tests B.A.’s-breath tests (see if your doing drugs or alcohol)

well I have to do these and last week one of my U.A.’s came up as positive for some sort of drug thing and it can be from medicine but I dont remember taking any

and im screwed cus my case maneger doesnt believe me I think cus she kept on asking if I did drugs but I NEVER EVER have done drugs at all

I only had one incident with alcohol (this is why I have to do these tests)

I swear I didnt do anything like im clean and have been I don’t know what to do cus if I dont remember then they are gonna test to see what I had specificly and im scared that it will show up as like drugs…(I’ve never done em but I don’t know things happen)

like I have to tell my mum and if I come up positive im kicked out of this program that makes my law conflict away from my record

what should I dooo,!

ya I know I shouldnt do alcohol I dont want any of those answers

Answer #1

ya but its still came up positive so theres deffinitaly a prob

Answer #2

if you have never done illegal drugs you shouldnt worry

Answer #3

if you know you did nothing wrong- allow them to re- analyze you - they will take a blood test, or some other type of test. occasionally a test will come back with a ‘false positive’ result, and they retest you, pretty simple.

now if you did do what they are saying you did- maybe it is time to fess up.

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