Drug hair test coming up

I have not used in 60 days.Will cocaine still show up?? What do I do to detoxify?

I am no longer using…

Answer #1

I dont know for sure but I remember hearing that weed can be traced in your hair for years and years. I remember this because I used to joke with my best friend that when he cut off his dreds we would smoke them lol.

Answer #2

in your hair the drugs test cn last you at least 7years it take long to get out your system paint your hair with other color because the hair paint has different knd of materials that will go to your hair and that will mess up the drug hair mking it difficult to track the drug in your hair

:) Luck

Answer #3

I just got A drug test and I had smoked some green the week before. I Got my best friend to help me out. I hear there is a pill to clean you out, but I don’t know what its called. I Do know that it takes about 30 days for that stuff to get out of you system!!

                               Sorry I wish I could have been more help!!
Answer #4

Depends on the type of test they use, some can detect it up to 90 days…

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