Does tobacco come out in a urine drug test?

Well, I’m suppose to take a Urine drug test every month. So I decided to stop smoking weed for now. But I’m thinking about finding an alternative, so I was wondering if tobacco came out in a urine test?

Answer #1

Yes they can test for it.But it has to be a spacific test,in other words they need to be looking for it.Most drug test look for drugs.

Answer #2

It is not a good idea to substitute one bad habit for another. get help in quitting smoking pot make up your mind to quit cold turkey, BUT please don’t pick up a tobacco cigarette! I don’t know if tobacco will come out on a urine test, but I don’ think so

Answer #3

Substituting tobacco for dope is really an awful idea. Tobacco is SO addicting…and SO costly in both health and wallet…If you’re addicted to pot, then substituting is simply moving the addiction around…and if you’re not addicted, then there should be no need to substitute.

I’ve given up drinking, drugs…and cigs. Cigs were the toughest.


Answer #4

Even if it does, companies and most labs won’t report this as a positive because it is not a controlled substance. Your only concern should be how long it will take you to quit smoking cigarettes once you pick up the habit, and trust me nicotene is WAY more addictive than THC.

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