Do you believe college is the right way to go after highschool?


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Yes of course. Most people who don’t go to college never get good jobs, or happy lives. You only get to live once, and you don’t want to be known as the person with little education. Some people think just because you live once means they should enjoy life without school, but in this world we have to make sacrifices to have happy lives. Waiting a couple years is not a good good idea because it can complicate things. The maximum I would ever wait before going to college after high school is one year ( that’s just if i’m financially unstable). But no matter what, I would go to college. Everyone should.

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I’m going to say that it’s the ideal and good way to go, but that it isn’t always ‘right’ for everyone.

As important as it is for people to have an education, the will and desire to acquire that education is on an equal level. If you don’t want to learn or be there, the chance of you succeeding in that class is slim. If you’re paying thousands for dollars to be there, you have to be sure it’s right for YOU. Some people aren’t ready for college right after high school. Some take time off of school before going back, and some settle into a job that doesn’t require any additional schooling and decide not to go back. Everyone’s path is different.

Just because a person decides not to go to college, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be unsuccessful in life, be unhappy forever, and never find work. Some people struggle with finding a job, yes. But I wouldn’t say that it’s safe to generalize like that. There are tons of people on the flip side who have years of schooling behind them and make decent money, yet live a very miserable life and have more bills then they can pay. So.. it’s not always safe to assume that one way is the best route to take for everyone.

If someone asked me whether or not they should go to college I’d definitely encourage it. Again, I DO think going to college is an important and wise choice. If someone didn’t want to go, though, I’d never suggest they put themselves thousands of dollars in debt doing something the they may not even finish. I’d hope that down the road they reconsider, which does happen quite often, but I don’t think there’s one ‘set’ way to go.

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sometimes it is but in scotland there is a scheme called the commonwealth apprenticeship scheme, im on it. It means that a company take me on as an employee straight from school, then one day a week they got to college (i think in america it’s called community college) to get qualifications, im already on my second year of it, im on my second qualification already i get paid a really good wage and im getting experience in the area of work i want to work in. It also means that when i leave and i apply for a job, if im sitting next to a person with a degree im more likely to get the job beacuse i’ve got the qualification and the experience.

Answer #5

depends what you want to do.. as a nurse i found that the best nurses while i was at uni were the older ones, who went to uni later… they had more life experience, more drive, were less distracted and i think appreciated it more…

it really depends on what you want to do ultimately really…

Answer #6

so you’re saying that unless people go to college (uni here) as soon as possible, they will have unhappy lives? what a lot of s#*t

Answer #7

If you go back 2-3+ generations - that was always the answer. Get good grades in high school so you can get into a good collage. Get good grades in collage so you can get a good job and start climbing the corporate ladder. The previous generation from me started to break away from that norm. I’m not just referring to people like Bill Gates who are almost an abstract to most people. I’m referring to people I know. Both my boss’s never went to collage, but know one 3 stores that together gross over a million a year. (Before the economy went so bad the one store alone I work at was grossing about 1.4 million a year). My boss’s son makes more in a month than I do in year with one year of collage - in film school and he is writing software now :P.

On the other hand my dad has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked at Wal-Mart for the last 15 yrs.

So collage can be a great tool if its right for you. But with the modern era there are so many sources of free knowledge a lot of people are self taught. If you have the drive you can look up almost anything for free online and teach yourself. Collage no longer has such a strangle hold on learning after high school. The biggest use for collage IMO now is for career paths that require a degree or certificate. That fancy piece of paper can open a lot of doors for you if thats a direction you wan to go. But it does not seem to be the end all to getting ahead in life.

Answer #8

It depends. When I was a senior in high school music was the most important thing in my life. Pursuing music in college was something I felt like I had to do. I did not expect any financial return on my investment. College may or may not financially pay off in the long run (after getting my computer science degree it did for me though). Years ago many people went to college to “find themselves.” Not knowing what they wanted to do going to school a few more years gave them more time to grow up and figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. Now that college is so much more expensive going to college for non-academic reasons or just to go to college doesn’t really make sense any more. Personally I loved college. Being a gradual student meant that I took 12 years to get my bachelor’s but I did work my way through most of it and change majors a few times. I started grad school but by that time couldn’t really justify it. By then it was time to move on.

Answer #9

It depends, I am going to a university but my boyfriend is not, and for him, I can actually see him being happy at a job that doesn’t require a degree. However, I could never be happy that way.

It is not a simple formula university=happiness. But, I do know a lot of people who didn’t go that wish they did.

Answer #10

No I didn’t say that. I said it’s more likely for a person that doesn’t go to college, to have an unhappy life. Some people actually live happy lives and stuff. So yeah, I’m not wrong, maybe you should just read more carefully :P.

Answer #11

Many people are now looking into Apprenticeships rather than College/University. Fees are going up, so are the amounts of applicants across the world. Apprenticeships offer on the Job Training, a small pay that you can add weekly to your savings, and a possible Job offer at the end that you can fight for. But if there’s something you really want to do in college, then go for it. Education later on in life comes at an expense, so grab it while you can and take as much as possible from it. :)

Answer #12

no really?!?! people actually don’t go on to uni and really have a happy life? wow that’s the stuff of fairytails! (insert eyebrow raise)

you haven’t change anything you said previously, all you did was reinforce it.. may i suggest you read back what you wrote…

Answer #13

oh, fyi, my brother? left school at 16.. now is a millionaire has 28 properties in the county i live in, had a huge house brand new car and kids, and he’s living the dream life, he pretty much retired at 36 years old…

lol, and ‘i’ was the one who went to uni…

Answer #14

Cool that’s good for him. I still stand my point, I never said I was correct, I was just saying that it can come out either way, I am just stating the facts. You should read what I said again, cause you don’t seem to comprehend.

Answer #15

Without learning in one High School, or University and become a good qualification, with good degree is not full or complette life.. I am mean, that Intelligence and learning is one of important element of the Happines…

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