Is cleaning your teeth by the dentist optional?

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It is optional to get your teeth cleaned and whitened but when it comes to a check up, it should be done at least every 6 months.

If your tartar and plaque build up is pretty bad more frequent visits can be made.

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Thats up to your parents, and when you become an adult its up to you. Unless you are military and then you are required to be checked out and polished up once a year. Dentists and insurance companies recommend preventative maintenance 2x a year. The stuff that you cant brush away like plaque is best removed by a professional. You can buy unsharpened scrapers at a pharmacy to do your own mouth, but thats not very easy.

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i own wome and have done mine for like 8 years

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here it is all determined by who you are im 30 havn't been to dentist but twice in the last 12 years and the last time was a week ago still no cavities but i have a few gum issues. nothing more wht solves my gums issue i bottle of medical grade mouth wash. so no if you have good teeth nd gene's you'll be fine if not well then yeah you'll need a dentist

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2 yearly is good for your tooth

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