Brushing before going to dentist

Have you ever gone to the dentist to get a tooth cleaning and you had just eaten food and not brushed your teeth?

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actually I did htat on dec 10th lol

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He never really shown any reaction.
Which shocked me cause I had garlic bread so I'm like wth?? Ya can't smell it??

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Yes once. I was so embarassed because I had cerial or something.
I felt so grossed out by that. I always wait to eat. I was going to have my teeth cleaned recently and thank goodness I didn't eat anything for I would've been embarassed. Luckily, I know the person that was going to clean my teeth. When I was at the dentist back when I lived with my parents though, I had food and I don't think the dental Hygienest said anything. So, Yeah, I've had that happen to me before.

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