What do dentists fill your teeth with?

when a dentist fills your teeth what do they fill it with and does it hurt?

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It's better to not get the Silver fillings as I believe is not healthy w/ the Mercury and all within those that can run thru your bloodstream. Get the white fillings.

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They can either fill it with amalgam -which is the silver fillings you see in peoples mouth...and that is usually for the molars..or they can use a composite..which is tooth colored..for the teeth that are more visible and for small to moderate sized cavities. Some people use the composite material even on their molars..for cosmetic reasons but it isn't always covered by insurances like the typical amalgam.
I've never had a filling but I would assume that with all the Novocaine they give you there wouldn't be any pain while it is happening. Maybe just some pressure on the area..
There might be a little discomfort later, but perhaps the dentist could give you an rx for Tylenol or suggest an over the counter pain reliever if necessary.

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they can fill your teeth with metal(gold/silver) or porcelein

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can anyone describe what it is like and how they do it any drills???

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