What do you think about Christians saying that anti-bullying promotes homosexuality in kids?

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Given the recent studies that prove homosexuality is genetic…anybody who claims otherwise has had their head buried in the sand.

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What? Can I see an article or something?

Answer #3

That made me giggle XD How stupid can you get! Lol.

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I know hahah.

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yes, id like to see that as well… link us to your sources.. from what ive read they have been doing the genotype theory studies on hetero, bi and homosexuality since the early nineties and no more prove than disprove along with other theories. - Not saying i believe the statement above, nor would i say i believe if your dad is gay you are, or mom lez or whatever..

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but does it originate within basic human genetics, or are you born that way, yes..

Answer #7

The “fucm” gene in mice was recently used to make a straight mouse become lesbian….it’s a pretty fascinating story :) Of course, when you really think about it…it does make sense. What else would a gene called “fucm” be good for? :)

Answer #8

fucm? What a boring name! Sonic hegehog and one-eyed pinhead, now those are awesome gene names! I was just wondering actually if you could tell me where to find these studies! I would be very interested to read them

Answer #9

I think anyone who says that is not Christian and must have some severe brain defects…

Answer #10

Refrase the question to: What do you think about people calling themselves Christians. . . . .

  This is an area that I have really reversed my judgements on after more study. I have also changed my opnions on this because In the last fours years I have become great friends and A roommate to a man who is gay.  I still dont know alot about Homosexuality, but you do not need to know much to know that as a So-called Christian, That we should not judge.
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I’m sure it’s not just Christians saying that. But, not true. Like Mr. Goodrich said, it’s genetic, actually.

Answer #12

Here’s one of the stories: http://funadvice.com/r/3kn768cs2t not an academic journal, etc…but if you’re interested, there you go :)

Answer #13

im not sure if this will work as I am accessing it via my university network but I will give it a go. Here (theoretically, assuming it works!) is a recent study on the topic if you are interested! http://funadvice.com/r/3kn7a1omnv

Answer #14

I think it is ridiculous. Christians are looking for any ridiculous excuse to try and explain something that they cannot understand.

Answer #15

D: is this like, actually for real??

Answer #16

well there are lots of molecules that will cause changes in a rodents brain and lead to them displaying sexual behaviour of the opposite sex. From what I have read I dont see any evidence that mutations in this gene specifically cause homosexuality, but there is certainly evidence that homosexuality is genetic, at least in part.

Answer #17

oh and I see that link doesnt work if you are not logged in, but its a free article so you can find it here! http://funadvice.com/r/3kn8lh7kv0

Answer #18

but not all of us!!

Answer #19

I don’t get it, so anti-bullying promotes homosexuality? So they want bullying to be continued because homosexuality is a ‘sin’?

I don’t know, I find Christian beliefs highly condradicting and judgmental. That’s ridiculous, homosexually is who you are, not a dependance on environment changes. That just made me laugh xD

Answer #20

My brain just exploded O.o I can’t read that.

Answer #21

sorry, I forgot about the sciencyness of it all.

Answer #22

the gay gene is passed down from the female/mother. i watched a documentary a few years back about it. anti bulling will have zero affect on the out come of ones sexuality

Answer #23

Lets pretend that we live in their warped universe and that not allowing kids to pick on others promotes homosexuality. So what?

Answer #24

I believe you are born gay or not gay, it isnt a choice, you can fake who you are, but it isnt being true to yourself.

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Answer #26

it is? How? I dont understand! Its short for fucose mutarotase!

Answer #27

XD im gay and i got bullied so ….. tis full of S*ITE :)


Answer #28

fuc m sounds like f*ck them XD ooo mastrose is funny too :)


Answer #29

Not just Christians, but anyone who says this is thick. Where do people get such ideas from?!

Answer #30

And that is why I am not a religious person & cant believe 100% in any faith! I am gnna be straight fwd here…no matter what faith you believe in, preach, or live by….there are always going to be people that believe in violence & are going to hate on those that are different from themselves… gay/straight/bi-sexual/tran-sexual etc…. Look at the way society treats those that look different Christians or non Christians…if you dress in black (to them you are pure evil & worship the devil…you can be the best christian yet because you wear complete black you worship the devil….its wrong, sad & unjustified…but a reality!) Bullying, is something that has been around forever & will continue to do so….its how kids operate…hating on others that look,talk, dress differently then they are! Can we stop it…no…has it been stopped in the past? no…will it stop in the future…no…because people are people…kids are kids…they say hurtful things because they think it is ok…bully’s are the fruits of being bullied once upon a time…it happens from one generation to another…people that want to justify bullying will say that it is ok… Parents hit their children, call it discipline…they believe that if you hit a child, they will learn not to misbehave…some doctors say it’s right to do…so if you already allow that sort of discipline in the home, what are kids learning? It’s ok to hit…it’s ok to be violent…because their parents have done it to them, so why cant we do it to other people…ad they grow up continuing this violence in their adult life and wind up passing it down to their kids & so forth! Using bullying to justify a sexual lifestyle is just another way for them to say its ok to be abusive…then they wonder why there is so much violence in the world…GO FIGURE!

Answer #31

True, I agree with that. I’m speaking more in general.

Answer #32

Wow, that’s really dumb. I consider myself a christian because I believe that Jesus is christ. But IN NO WAY WOULD I EVER EVER EVER say that to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of my best friends are bi and g@y!!!!! And I LOVE them no matter what. Why, you may ask, if I don’t believe in homosexuality myself, is this so? Because in God’s eye’s all sin’s are the same, and I am no better at avoiding sin then anyone else. Is it up to me to judge other’s of sins? Hell no. Nor is it the idiot who stated those words you have up there. That statement is really f*ckd up, and it makes me mad. In my opinion, I don’t think that everyone who claims to be a christian, actually IS one. For one thing, Jesus, when alive, didn’t CARE who you were, he loved everone. And any “christian” who thinks otherwise is way off they’re rocker. >:/

Answer #33

Christians don’t always say that, I’ve NEVER heard it and I’m a christian…it would’ve been less offensive if you’d sai “some christians” say that. I think that’s a messed-up thing to beleive though? o___O I’ve never been bullied and im not a homo?

Answer #34

wow deep subject…really i think it does way more damage to grow up thinking that being a bully is ok.. just about as pointless as a white crayon…we’re all black when the lights go out ..lol

Answer #35

wow…thats a big load of sh!t bullying just promotes s.uicice and cutting and insecure and frightened kids. anti bullying has absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality at all.

Answer #36

Oh, and here’s the video

Answer #37

took me a few minuets to realize you weren’t joking. Wow, when you thnk a religion couldn’t get anymore ludicris. Seeing as how bulying can drive some ppl to unhealthy mentale states, etc, and alos seeing as how homosexuality is not a result from surrondings, rather genetics, then I say it’s f**ing ridicules

Answer #38

Wowwww, that’s so f*cked up.

Answer #39

Well hang on. I am a Born again, sold out believer on Jesus Christ and I do not believe that anti-bullying promotes homosexuality. What I believe is found in the Bible and none of it contradicts itself. We as Christians are human. We are not better or worse than those who do not know Christ. We are simply saved and forgiven of our sins. While I don’t agree with homosexuality and I think it is a sin against God, I don’t see how anti-bullying would promote a child toward that lifestyle. I don’t like bullying. The Bible clearing speaks against the proud and the haughty. The Bible says we are to look after the weak, not cut them down.

Answer #40

This reminds me of why Victorian parents in the UK didn’t linger outside the monkey cage for long. They couldn’t deal with the kids’ questions about what the monkeys were doing because they didn’t feel it was right to talk about sex - at all. The problem is with the conservative Christian parents, whose inability to give fair counsel to their kids’ questions creates years of problems and prejudice for thousands of people. I’ve counselled many straight and gay people of all ages who’ve been screwed up by being unable to square their parents strict views (not just Christians either) with the realities they then meet in the real world.

If religious conservatives want to live according to the world as it was when it was described in their particular religious text, then they should follow the Amish’ honourable solution and live in a closed community that reflects that world. The issue only arises when they try to force-fit the ancient world onto the present. Right-wing and evangelising Christians should recognise that only a smoking gun separates their principles from those of the Taliban. Neither of these hegemonising ideologies has any place in a matured society that values free choice, individual liberty and equality. The majority want to be part of the future, not the past.

Answer #41

It’s funny too because I knew some gays that would kick the living crap out of you! They got tired of being picked on all the time.

Answer #42

What? I’m not picking on gay people [the term ‘gays’ sounds lke they are sub human and I know many people who would kick the living crap out of you for adressing them like that.]. I’m DEFENDING gays people, I love gay people. I myself an bi and have no problem with them.

I am therefor not ‘picking on them’ and READ the damn comment before declaring that I have something against them. Geez, take a walk.

Answer #43

woooow When i was in elementry school there was this kid that was taunted and had nuclear cooties because he was called gay. The reason most kids avoided him and taunted him was because they had no idea what it was. They didnt have anyone to sit them down and tell them WHY it was wrong. It would have been a lot better for him had the teachers been allowed to, as a class, discuss bullying and get into detail as to why each TYPE of bullying was wrong. My teacher wasnt allowed to talk to the cruel kids about bullying because someone was gay, only that bullying was wrong. Children are sheep, once one starts teasing they all do without knowing why. We need to be more open to kids about what the problems are. The more you shelter kids the worse things pop into their heads later

Answer #44

Sorry, I wasn’t accusing you of picking on them. I was saying that the Christian idea of picking on them was a dumb one because they got tired of it.

Answer #45

for wearing the black, don’t nuns wear black? and some priests too? and i agree, i was bullied in elementary almost everyday just cuz i was a bit different. And yet im still straight, so? o, i see no point in putting this out but i used to be christian, but i lost faith once i started reading the bible. I myself don’t agree with what was written, and i see you put a lot of effort in writing this, good job stating whats actually going on :)

Answer #46

Oh. Cos the ‘living crap out of YOU’ was quite suggesting.

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