Check out my newest poems?

I will post a couple here.

“Walking Through a Thunderstorm”

I feel the lash of rain on my Scars, Each drop feels like the lash of a metal bar.

I hear the wind howl, and scream at me something foul.

I see the lightning dance amongst the sky, And I am reminded why I refuse to cry.

I once offered you my life, My only desire for you to be my wife.

You threw me away, It hurt is truely the least I can say.

Now I walk through this thunder soaked road, my destination untold.

I only hope your not there, Because I know you never cared.

“The Scarecrow”

The Scarecrow stands alone in the field, With thought he alone can weild.

The Scarecrow planted this field himself, Right after he put his heart up on the shelf.

He told himself a Scarecrow doesnt need a heart, Better to keep it safe so it wont get torn apart.

The Scarecrow needs no rain for his field to stay kept, He waters it his self with the tears he has wept.

A Scarecrow that plows a feild with self despair, With every row he plows he dreams that someone might care.

The Scarecrow plants seeds of self doubt, The stands waiting for the day they will sprout.

One day the Scare crow will fall, and lay amongst the self doubt plants that stand so tall.

So, what do you think?

Answer #1

wow, these are pretty metaphoric pieces, what exactly is the ‘thunderstruck road’ is it life? I love the thoughts about ‘the scarecrow’ falling down or being brought down by the seeds that he planted, once. I have only once question for you… why a scarecrow and not a farmer? if it’s a reference to “The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow is the one without a brain, the tinman without a heart, I think a farmer would fit in more with the planting and watering thing because a scarecrow is only really there to scare crows away… two more reasons why I would have chosen a farmer, he (or she) is easier to relate to for our mostly human audience aand in a less important matter, I think it might help with the flow of the piece… what with the story behind the pieces, people can be so cruel, especially when they are ‘confused’ or ‘lonely’ I hope that oneday your scars will cease to be scars and change instead to tiny scratches that heal over easily and eventually only exsist in distant memories.


Answer #2

The Scarecrow is unimportant, he’s just there like you said to scare crows. Its not a reference to the goodly Wizard but an example of how I feel about myself sometimes.

Answer #3

No I appreciate that you pay so much attention:) I suppose my character is a bit of a reflection of me in some ways. I refuse to cry anymore because I used so many tears on one person I could have drown myself in them, the scars come from giving everything I am to someone to have them tell me that they never truely loved me and all the time we spent together was the results of her being “Confused” and I just happened to be there for her. The seeds of self doubt are planted from My reading to much into things so who am I to be upset if someone else reads to much into what I post? But I’m not so its ok:)

Answer #4

hhhm, were they really two Different poems, because they seemed like one. I’m not saying thats a bad thing, I’m just musing.

Both of them are meaningful and deep, and leave many questions on my lips, why did you (or the character) swear never to cry, where did the scars come from, why does the scarecrow cry, and plant seeds of self doubt, is it a metaphore for something? I’m sorry if I’ve read too much into them, but that is what they scream out to me.

Forever_Yours Forever_More

Answer #5

there are awsummm x

Answer #6

I’m sorry:b

Answer #7

I liked the first one a lot, but the scare crow one reminded me of the movie Jeepers Creepers

Answer #8

wow. Dude, you are amazing those we’re/are wonderful! (:

Answer #9

I appreciate your words guys:)

Answer #10

Hey thanks:) Glad you like them.

Answer #11

AMAZING!!! I love poems

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