What are some cheap ways to decorate walls in a home?

We havent lived here too long, and havent had alot of money to decorate and plain walls drive me mad. What are ome cheap ideas to help decorate in here.

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My mom is like that two, when we first got this big house she was trying to find things to plaster the wall. Eventually she gave up on little things, instead, she went and bought a pretty large painting and set it up on the wall. Then she stuck a couch under it. So basically, try using larger things to cover the walls, and just placing things against them, like a desk, tv, ect. will make them less plain,

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what we did was tht we went to a decorating shop and got all their offcuts of wall paper, its cheap and there is always lots of it:)

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Design something into a paper. Anything you want and paint your wall copying it! I would love to do that if only my parents would let me. Im guessing you cant get cheap paints in stores right? It just cost you creativity and patience and a bit of money :]

P.s wild colours would be more exciting like baby blue, balck and white, baby pink etc… mix them all up with your designs

Answer #5

paint :] /spraypaint just draw all over your walls.

Answer #6

The “in” thing now is to hang black metal scroll work and big letters on your wall. You can find pieces of old fences in junk yards and paint them black. You can also go to thrift stores like Goodwill and find really cheap picture frames, old bits of decor. Maybe even some of those big letters.

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Sponge painting your wall looks really pretty and elegant. It dresses the place up nicely. (go to the how tos).

Answer #8

i’ve noticed alot of people doing the life lesson stickers on there wall

there like stickers that you put on your walls, the background is clear so the words pop out,

like my aunt has a nice yellow wall with a huge sticker that says “live love laugh”

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hope this helps

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