What are home decorating trends this season?

What are the decorating trends this year/or season for a home? What room scents are the most popular, candles, incense, etc. What flowers are popular for Fall and Winter(store bought of course)? What colors are in as far as wall color and general room color of the furniture to the decorations? I am oblivious when it comes to designing and decorating I could use a little bit of help please. Thanks! =)

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not sure,but my favorite candles for this time are applie cider,pumpkin spice,and all those other harvest ones.
colors and decorations inclue orange,red,yellow,brown;;fall colors.
also scarecrows can be cute,or a nice arrangement for pumpkins.

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Colours and styles are very broad at the moment, so go to a store that doesnt mind you browsing the home decor magazines -to get ideas.

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