What would you do if you were in charge of nuclear safety?

Answer #1

Quit my Job!!

Answer #2

If I was in charge on nuclear safety, everyone would be super safe, because I would shut them all done. I believe nuclear energy is simply too unsafe and we need to find a better way to generate power (like wind or water)

Answer #3

You are correct but nuclear energy can be safe. We are just not ready for it as yet. We need materials that are more dense than the ones presently available. Once we can construct a metal that has the density to prevent a uncontrolled nuclear leak, then we would have a safe plant. Until then, i agree, we should shut them down. It like driving cars before we invent the brakes.

Answer #4

Nuclear power is expensive. That is its biggest problem. When the first nuclear power plants were being planned experts promised electricity “too cheap to meter.” It turned out to be about the most expensive generate electricity. During the cold war nuclear power was subsidized so plutonium could be reclaimed from nuclear waste but now that we are no longer in an arms race there is little reason for nuclear power. As the price of fossil fuels goes up nuclear energy will become more competitive. There are safer reactor designs. Pebble bed reactors look especially good on paper to me anyway, this technology also makes reprocessing to extract plutonium and weapons grade uranium more difficult which helps prevent nuclear proliferation.

Answer #5

I agree with Patricia - I would shut them down. My country is very proud to be nuclear free.

Answer #6

Another major problem is nuclear waste. It will radiate deadly dangerous for 20000 years at least. And half-life is 200 thousand.

What do you do with that? I mean. We had neandertal men with clubs and stones walking around here 20 thousand years ago. How could we guarantee a safe final storage for anything for 20 thousand years? No way. This is ridiculous. Who can guarantee something like that for even 500 years?

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