chaper 1? how is it

ok im writing a book… this is what I have for chapter one! tell me what you think =]

Chapter one.

Those words ring through his head as John stumbles home. He walked all the way across the city just to find his girlfriend and best friend f*cking! All he wants to do is get home and rinse the blood off of him.
“ I cant believe I actually killed him!” John mumbles. He was stumbling along in an alley way when he faintly heard the wail of sirens. “guess they finally found his dead body” he says to himself. Its the last thing he remembers before collapsing to the impact of a solid object.
When John wakes up he is lying in a small room filled with barrels. It takes him a few moments to recollect his thought of the night before. He remembers stabbing Joseph over and over again and he vaguely remembered stabbing Vanessa. “I must have made it home” he says. More to hear his own voice then anything. “guess again” comes a voice from behind. Then he feels cold hard metal pressed against his skin. 
Growing up in a big city he knew what the metal belonged to, so when he turned around he wasn't to surprised to see a guy holding a handgun to his head. The thing that surprised him though was that the guy was in a suit. He had on dull dress shoes, a black and gray pin strip suit that looked custom made, and a fedora to match the suit.
When John finally gets the courage to look around he notices many more guys, and even some females, dressed in a similar fashion. Then he realizes that this isn't the normal gang. He has been kidnapped by the mafia of New York.
“oh boss look at those blue eyes” remarks one of the thugs “think you could cut 'em out and give 'em to me boss?”
instead of replying the guy, obviously their leader, pulls out a long knife and with a quick flick of his wrist, sends it flying towards the thug that made the remark. “Any more requests?” the leader asks in a cheerful voice, as the thug with a knife between his eyes collapses to the ground. John see an opportunity so he makes a sprint for the closest barrel.

“Damn fool” I say to myself as I watch them open fire on John from the vents. I pull out my knife and silently slip down from the vent and make my way from the back of the room towards where the gangsters are. My knife slips across throats like butter on a hot frying pan. It’s to dark for them to see me so I’m not to cautious.

I've almost made it to Fred, an officer in the Mafia, when I feel a knife blade bite into my shoulder. I enjoy every second of the pain but realize that I have to move quickly if I don't want to die. I dive to my side and roll out of the way of the slashing knife. I spot a dark skinned female in dark robes and realize this isn't one of the Mafia's thugs.
I quickly signal her to let her know I'm not an enemy. She responds by turning and rushing silently towards another of the distracted gangsters. I follow just as silently behind her. In a matter of minutes we had cleared the room and headed towards the bullet torn group of barrels John was hiding behind. When we get there though, he is not there. Faintly we here a door slam, then slam again. Followed by three gun shots and a lot of screaming.
Answer #1

ok I will =D

Answer #2

the second sentence in chapter one and the very last sentence need to be more descriptive. but besides that it was really good. I found myself wanting to know what happened to john. and who that robed lady was. please continue to chapter 2 lol.

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