How can I go about changing the "check engine" light in my car?

it burned out

Answer #1

That strongly depends on what sort of car you own. In some cars, control lights are fairly easy to change. In some you need a repair guy who does it. Google the name, series and year of construction of your car and what you want to do… like: “Citroen C4 2006 change ‘check engine’ light”.

Someone, somewhere will probably have tried before and posted their experiences in a forum. Some manufacturers may have instructions available on the Internet. Then decide whether you can do it yourself or go to a garage.

Answer #2

Ok thx so much

Answer #3

I will not suggest you to do it on your own unless you know the stuff. What i am afraid of here is that you burn the other one when you try to fix the other. LOl. Get a mechanic, dear. :-)

Answer #4

They will also need to know what has caused it burnt.

Answer #5

The only things I can do on cars is alternator, belts, oil change, and tune up, I will take ur advise and have someone fix it, not me :-)

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