Answer #1

Plates shifting

Answer #2

i seriously believe it was due to moon

Answer #3

This happened along or near the boundary where the Pacific Plate, an oceanic tectonic plate beneath the Pacific Ocean, moves under Japan. The convergence rate at the Pacific Plate’s boundary near Japan is much higher than other zones (

Answer #4

tell me if my Hypothesis is Wrong or wright—

we know that every planet inside it have some magnetic material like in earth we have molten metal so i guess when moon came closer to earth there was a magnetic attraction between the core of earth and moon and that caused theTECTONIC PLATES above the MAGNETIC MATERIAL in core of earth to move

so what do you think about that? by the way scientist dont belive that earth quake was due to moon

Answer #5

It does make sense. The molten magma inside keep moving and some even try to push out (volcanic eruption) and the moon’s gravity give big impact on the movement on it. The movement of the molten rocks and other materials that cause the plate to keep moving and push each other. Very good Hypothesis, indeed.

Answer #6

It was - like all earthquakes - due to the permanent movement of tectonic plates. And the tidal effects of the moon are one of the factors that cause the shifting in the crust of earth. Thus you are right.

Answer #7

Only that the moon is not strongly magnetic. The tidal effects/ gravity effects caused by the moon are much stronger than any magnetic influence.

Answer #8

Tytonic plates.They are moving all the time but a earthquake is when 2 plates calide and are pushing against each other which moves the earth :)

Answer #9

i agree

Answer #10

Fault lines,

Answer #11

tectonic plates:)

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