Cat peeing on furniture

My daugher's cat is peeing on my new couch, how do I stop him.

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First check for a urinary tract infection

There's sprays you can buy to turn them off, and you need to make sure that the couch doesnt smell, or she'll keep coming back

My cat used to do this, turned out it was because her box was covered... so it may be as simple as that... so...

Get an additional box
Make sure box is not in high traffic area (I.e. not where loud noises occur, or where people are a lot)
Try uncovered box
Try covered box
Try another type of litter (only in new box!)
Clean out box regularly - like everyday

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my cat pees everywhere too! and the first answer is EXACTLY right. check for urinary tract infection if its an older cat (and infection that prevents the cat from holding its bladder long enough to get to the litter box)
but if your cat does not have uninary tract infection and is not a territorialy male, then try placing tin foil over the coach, especially I the place where the cat pees. not only is this reflective material scary looking, but cats have very sensitive paws and the feeling of it under their paws usuallly keeps them away.
another method is to peel an orange, you enjoy the orange and place the orange peels on the coach ( or near) ( the citrus smell irritates their nose, because they also have extremely sensitive noses.

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First you need to figure out the reason the cat is peein on the furniture. It could be several things:

-Have you changed his liter brand lately?
-Location of the liter box is not private enough.
-Some cats like to have 2 different boxes, one for one business, one for the other.
-Some cats won't go in a dirty or soiled box.
-Marking their territory

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How old is your daughters cat? If its an older cat I would check him/her out for a urinary tract infection because my cat that recently died always got them and he didn't mean to pee on anything but he couldn't hold it. Or if its a male cat thats never been nuetered, then it is a territorial marking. A good quick fix that may help is everytime you smell fresh urine, rub the cats nose in it and put it in the litter box to show it that peeing on furniture is unexceptable. But if its a male cat that is young and coming of age get it nuetered and it should stop the urinating.

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hit its nose and say no! they have to learn you are in control.

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