Castration of sex offenders

Should society have the right to require mandatory sterilization of convicted sex offenders? What are their constitutional rights as far as that is concerned?

Answer #1

that would be going way too far. castration? where do we live the stone age? Jail time is enough for them, it might look easy but can you imagine yourself locked inside for over 12 hours with absolutely NOTHING to do? no TV, net, good food etc.

also rapists and pedophiles are very low in the jail food chain… as for perverts, im sorry Beth but you need to define what you mean by pervert, because it can mean anything from watching some amateur porn (or live porn) to psychotic stalkers…

Answer #2

no, sex offenders should not be castrated. have you guys not watched the news lately? this guy went to prisonfor rape when he was 19 and after he died in prison 25 years later they proved that it wasnt him. the only thing that could make that story sadder is if they castrated him

Answer #3

Yes, people get wrongly convicted. In that case you could have a system of some sort, those who actually plead guilty get a punishment. Paedophiles are the worst of the lot. I do not know anyone who could side for them. In my book what goes around comes around- you get what you deserve. I’m sorry but no forgiveness lies in my heart for perverts.

Answer #4

yes, by all means—rip them off violently…who gave the victim a chance at saying no or a choice??? You are all a bunch of idiots. As far as I am concerned the choice, if their is to be one for you bleeding freaking hearts, shoud be: death or have the victim and the victim’s family rip it all off..penis and full scrotum. Be done with it and move on. Have a nice day.

Answer #5

no in fact lets start cutting out the females ovaries…

Answer #6

What about the falsely convicted? Or those kids being tried for possession of child porn for ‘sexting’… those kids are going to be convicted sex offenders soon enough.. Should they be castrated?

Answer #7

probably nnot

Answer #8

Serious sex offenders should be punished I’m not disagreeing with that. Although I think a little more thought should be put into how the system punishes them. Sex offenders have a physical and mental imbalence. So say we do castrate them, that only “fixes” half the problem. Also say with this chemical castration okay it’s not permanent they just have to take a pill everyday to keep them from getting those physical urges. What is stopping them from not taking the pills or even just getting artificial hormones. I believe we should be focusing on the mental state of sex offenders rather that the physical treatment for them. Everyone has urges to maybe commit questionable acts such as maybe stealing a CD from target or something the difference between the majority of society and sex offenders is most people can destinguish right from wrong and what is apropriate behavior and inapropriate behavior. So should we be worrying more about the physical state or the mental state of sex offenders. Personally I think if you don’t want them to reoffend give them life in prison. As much as I really do hate sex offenders and what they do I don’t think they should be castrated or treated in the most awful way imaginable just because of what they did because if that were the case we would be living in a truely disfunctional world.

“an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

Answer #9

Absolutely not. I am a rape victim - and I still do not believe that we have the rights to castrate someone who is a sexual offender. What about the men who get wrongfully accused and charged. It happens all the time. Young girls get mad and dont want to admit they slept with them - then they get charged with rape. I do not feel we have the right to castrate anyone.

Answer #10

beth for what did your brother go to jail for??? and how old was he?

did he rape a 4 year old girl? did he kill someone?

the answer is probably no so please STATE your points fully before saying anything like that…

and also rapists dont go to minimum security or camps… its medium and up… and there aint no PS2 in there I guarantee you.

Answer #11

I’m all for chemical castrations… It’s not permanent, and it is reversible… In the case of wrongfully charged men, well you simply stop the medication… no harm no foul…

Answer #12

yes. my friend was molested when he was a kid so I think all sex offenders should be put through severe pain and tourture. they should be castrated and forced to eat their severed balls.

Answer #13

Why not give them their choice?? Life in prison, or castration? Let THEM make that choice.


Answer #14

Yes, If tests indicate they cannot be rehabilitated, serious consideration should be given on a case by case basis.

Answer #15

No they shouldn’t.

Perhaps we should start cutting out females offender’s ovaries by that rationale?

The only reason women want castration is for revenge. Barbarians through the ages have been castrating men as punishment way before there was any proof that the testes produced hormones that controlled their sex drive.

And even now that it is a fact, the truth is that Rapes are violence crimes. If you cut an offenders balls of or even his penis, you will just infuriate him and when he gets out - he will just use another weapon as an outlet for his rage and violence like a knife or an axe, raping or killing at least a few people before getting caught again.

I can assure you girls here that in such a case a knife or a bat or an axe is gonna do a lot more damage than a pare of balls or a penis ever could, even kill the victim.

Rapist and Molesters need life in prison with a right to appeal in the situation that they are wrongfully accused with the addition of heavy psycho therapy.

As much as Girls like to get REVENGE by cutting of a mans balls to get a sense of relief and power, when that guy gets out he can still commit those offenses, so castration makes no sense.

I do not condone violence or rape, but neither do I tolerate bodily mutilation regardless of the sex.

Answer #16

No, they shouldn’t. As some said, a lot of people are wrongfully convicted. And even if they ARE guilty, there are issues they have that made them that way. Some of which are entirely not their fault.

I am in no way supporting them or what they do because it is wrong and they should never be able to hurt another soul, but hurting or torturing them in any way doesn’t change anything at all. It just causes more cruelty in this already messed up world.

Answer #17

You do realize there are people who plead guilty - who are not infact guilty though? Sometimes that is the easier option where you get less time and less punishment. If they know they are going to lose the care - it’s easier to plead guilty.

Answer #18

Yes. Any man or woman who convicts a sex crime should be put through pain and torture. You can not go around doing things like that to people and not get any pain and suffering in return.

Answer #19

I think it’s pretty obvious what I mean- a sex offender.

Also not all jails are like that. My brother has been in jail 3 times and he had a whole choice of films to watch when every he wanted, a playstion2 and access to a gym and many courses were he could gain a trade.

Why would you want a man who had raped your 4 year old daughter, for instance, to live such an easy life? To me that is not enough.

Answer #20

I would hate to be wrongfully convicted and had that happen to me.. but at the same time there should be a stronger pusinshment. They should make all offenders go to jail where their cell block is a one tone man named Roco, who loves fresh meat… hey it aint permanent//.

Answer #21

No, he did not rape a 4 year old girl but he still went to jail- we’re sex related people can go. Your missing my point here. No, he didn’t rape someone it was GBH or attempted murder or something ( do not judge me I barely speak to him).

I’m sorry but I’m sure if you’d live my life and been through what I have your view on this would be different. It’s something I feel very strongly about. Child sex offenders should be prosecuted to the maximum amount possible. Maybe I was a little hasty with the castration thing- I now believe that a long boring sentence could prove better, but they still need to feel pain whether it be physical or mental.

Answer #22

In my personal opinion, Yea I think they should be castrated. Why? There’s not enough fear in people to NOT do these things. Of course, it should all depend on how severe the case. I guess in that case the main determinator, well, question, would be where to draw the line. Personally, the reason why we see such horrible cases is because the punishment is not nearly severe enough, so to these people, what’s a few years in prison? They need to know that if they take something from someone, we’re going to take something from them. Even if 2 wrongs don’t neccasarily make a right, it does when these people are taking away the rights of other individuals.

Answer #23

Definitly, though I think it should only be put in place for serial rapists, who actually go out looking to rape someone. Paedophiles and perverts should also receive the same treatment as like beth liveyourlife said, they should suffer in the way they’ve caused others to suffer. A prison sentence amongst other like-minded criminals proves to only make them worse once they come out. I reckon that using castration as the top punishment for these offences would help reduce the number of rapes committed.

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