Canada or USA Where would you rather live?

Your opinion… Where would you rather live? Canada or USA? Take governent, immigration, and business opportunities into consideration!

Answer #1

Canada’s a great country but the richly blessed USA has my heart - wouldn’t want to be anywhere else !!

Answer #2


Answer #3


well just because I live in usa now I would chhose canada

plus I know their national anthem hahah

Answer #4

I would rather live in CANADA… because obama is pres but I LOVE the USA!!!

Answer #5

usa.I’ve been to canada.and when I was there.I was at the side by the ocean looking back at detroit,michigan,usa!!!

Answer #6

Usa. :)

Answer #7

Canada I live in the US and visited there this summer and just love it they are nicer than people over here I wish that I live there

Answer #8

yes I know week is onley legal to a certin extent it is loke 1 ounce but that it more then you canh ave in the us and you can high and have one ounce on you but if you half 1 speck of it on you in the us you are gonig to jail

Answer #9

USA, but I do ♥ canada! if you live in the USA, then you know that feeling of pride of loyalty that you just cant help but feel living in america!

Answer #10

I have to protest Babygirl220’s comment “I love USA!! hello, its called FREEDOM!”.

In Canada we are free too! In fact, in Canada there is far less crime, less political railroading, less corrupt government (I didnt say our government is perfect, I just said it is less corrupt)

I have live in Canada all my life, and I will never live anywhere else. Noone could pay me enough or promise me enough or hand me the moon to make me decide to live in the USA. Nice place to visit though.

Answer #11

USA!!! I love my country!! :)

Answer #12

I agree with Amblessed Canada is a beautifull place but I LOVE USA IT THE BOMB!!!

Answer #13

lol weed is only legal to a certain extent.

Answer #14

canada weed is legal but by the time I move there it is not going to b

Answer #15


Answer #16

I love USA!! hello, its called FREEDOM!

Answer #17

Canada. I live in USA I like it but Canada is a better place to live in. PLus I like colder weather :D

Answer #18

USA!!! oh I also agree with “Maddie1414”

Answer #19


haha. =) in.your.face.canadians.

lol kidding! -maddie

Answer #20

Caaanada! I already live here but I’d never leave to live in the U.S.A. I just love it here, especially our health care system.

Answer #21


Answer #22

Canada go live in Ontario I am 60 I have lived in USA for 50 years will I gotta say Canada has better health care

Answer #23

Screw Phelps!!!


Go CaNaDa Go!!!

Canada is a way nicer place to live, easier to get by with the same opportunities as the US

Answer #24

Canada. babygirl1220…not trying to sound betchy but when there was slaves being whipped and killed in usa, they where trying to ESCAPE to go to canada for FREEDOM.

I would much rather live in canada we have better health care and my heart is here forever and always!

Answer #25

USA…only cause I haven’t been to Canada yet.

Answer #26

CANADA! Nothing seriously bad ever happens in Canada.

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