Do you find living in the USA great ?

I just want to ask, how do you find living in the usa, since in my country its told its awesome :)

Answer #1

It’s ridiculous to judge an entire country after visiting, or living in, a couple places. The US is large and diverse, and life varies from one place to another, as will your experiences with it. As with any country, it has its good aspects and bad aspects.

Answer #2

Here’s some advice , move to canada :]

Answer #3

ye obama is gonna be an awesome man on that big stage :)

Answer #4

America effin’ rocks. Especailly since obama won, in my opinion.

Answer #5

hahahaha know rite??! I LOVE mexicn candies!!! :) ;)

Answer #6

uuummm no! I rather live and Mexico! ( I’m mexican but I was born in tx.) and no! my parents are NOT wetbacks!!! I freakin tired of people saying sht like that! yaa that’s all that is sht!!! oh I’m sooo srry, no it’s not great( wats great bout it???)

Answer #7

RIGHT NOW?! it’s really not. with the economy like this, we are all getting f’ed in the asss.

Answer #8

well its ok. but with what bush has done to the country right now this is a horrible place to be. bush is slowly killin us. thank god obama is takin over this month

Answer #9

Never lived there, personally…but I have visited…here’s a little run-down of my experience:

Stood on the street for two hours talking to a homeless man…his name was Greg and he used to be a business man. Now nobody knows his name, nor will they stop long enough to drop him a quarter.

Had a very nice conversation with two very large insert your preferred word for African American here guys. They were quite busy breaking into someone’s car, but they still had the courtesy to chat with a silly Canadian girl.

Went to a restaurant. Waited 2 hours to be served. Another 2 hours for food to arrive at the table. Another hour after we were done eating to receive the cheque. Another hour after that for the waitress to figure out that “separate bills” means each person gets their own bill - not that every two people are sharing a bill.

I guess the USA is ok for a visit…but I’ll always love my Canada.

Answer #10

BUT! just for the record, compared to the countries I’ve experienced being in, I love USA.

Answer #11

No!! I HATE IT!!! we have the most crime’s out of any other country in the entire world!!! I can’t wait til I’m old enough to leave this country!!! I feel endangered here and I can’t even go outside my own house when it’s dark cause I’m so scared. if we got stricter laws than maybe I’d like it a bit more.

Answer #12

it is most of the time

Answer #13

oohhh mexico sounds nice. with the unlimited amount of mexican candies…omg so good…

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