Where would be the best place to move to; Canada, California, or Great Britain?

So if I were to move to Great Britain/UK/England I would want to live in either Manchester, Nottingham, or Gloucester. If i couldn’t live in any of those I’d be willing to live in Bolton, Northampton, or Belfast.

If I were to live in Canada I’d like to live in either British Columbia or Manitoba (it doesn’t really matter what city)

If I were to live in California I WANT TO LIVE WHERE THE CELEBRITIES LIVE haha jk um I’d like to live in NorCal but wouldn’t have a problem living in SoCal. Where ever there is more diversity (I really like hispanic/spanish culture so more of that) and liberal vibe is, is where I want to stay.

So out of all these places, where would be the best place to move? Pros and cons

Answer #1

Jamaica :-)

Answer #2

Canada :) just because I love Canada. Couldn’t really give you a non biased answer since I’ve never been to either of the other places.

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Answer #4

Not Bolton! I would recommend Manchester as it is a really nice city and would be cheaper than living in the south of England. It seems you have more passion for California =].

Answer #5

No. I’m good. :l

Answer #6

Why not Bolton? :o Yeah I did some research on Cali before I typed in what I thought about it. If you knew me you’d know that I haven’t really been a fan of Cali until recent. haha

Answer #7

I love Canada! Obsessed with Canada and it’s people I don’t know why. :/ but I don’t care. I most likely will end up moving there, but I’d like to travel and live abroad before making my final decision.

Answer #8

As towns go, Bolton is quite bland and I doubt there would be many job opportunities.

Answer #9

Canada! i actually live in Manitoba :P i think if you were to live in Canada, it would really depend on your lifestyle and what you like. Provinces like BC, and Alberta are great for skiing. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are the prairie provinces, meaning theres not much terrain. a lot of fields, and farming. there are great cities in each province, if you like that kinda lifestyle..you know, buildings, traffic, lots of noise. :)

i’ve personally only been to saskatchewan and bc. would love to travel all over though :P

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