Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?

Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?
And how fast??
I never tried but when we took a road trip we went through idaho and stopped at this little diner. Our drinks had cherries in them and all the cousins and I (even granmda woo-hoo) tied the stems, but I'm fastest in the family.
4 seconds, sweet eh??
But no one outside of my family can do it!!

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No, I can't. I will have to practice.

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Some people cheat and tie a cherry stem and put it in their cheek. After their next drink they put the new stem in the mouth then push it into their cheek on the other side then produce the tied stem. When they can do so discretely they take the other stem out and tie it for their next trick.

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ummm gunna have to try now..are there any your not allowed to use the muscles on the inside of your cheek?

hummm v v amusing! :)

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haha, I can. I haven't timed myself though.. next time I will (:

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haha yea I can when you first try its kinda hard but then you get a handle of it

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OMG I CAN!!! but it takes me like 10 seconds lol.

***the faster you are the better the kisser!!!***

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yes!! Haha. How about opening starburst candies with your tounge? Can anyone other than me do that?

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No rulez, anything goes, this sport is hardcore!

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I can (:

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I'm going to have to practice...maybe this is the next olympic sport?

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yeah I have 5 seconds yeah! lol :)

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yea I can do that! I can do it in 4.1/2 seconds

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neva tried

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the cherry stem took me a while but we always try the starburst wrappers and it takes me 7 seconds

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