People say the love california, I live there, why do they say that?

People say the love california. Well I live in cali and nothing is that great. So what is it?

Answer #1

im one of those CALIFORNIA LIVIN people I luuubb it.. I seriously will never leave. I guess its the enviroment the weather is great the summer is hot the winter is cold and it just goes great the people are cool and down to earth. I mean you have cholos emos valley girls all of it!!! I luv it! CALI ALL THE WAY!!

Answer #2

haha ok I live there 2…a lot of people ask tat im just guessin but it sounds like you havent been like everywhere…but its mostly cause of the weather and since a lot of famous people live here like in hollywood or LA and if you go up north its gorguous!

Answer #3

People say the love california. Well I live in cali and nothing is that great. So what is it?

Maybe you’re just negative? cynical? complacent?

Answer #4

Probably because they don’t live there like you do and they don’t see the same thing day after day. I love going to Tennessee, but the people that live there don’t understand why. They say it’s boring and stuff.

Answer #5

I don’t know the excitment of a city. people say that about new york and I didnt know why untill I moved… I want to go back

Answer #6

its a lot more free and expressive you know gay marriage,chiva chiva…

Answer #7

ugh,I’ve lived here for 5 years.I personaly DONT like it. im from CHICAGO and my friends back home are jealous that I get to live in San Diego. I knew from the get go iwouldnt like it..and I still dont..weathers nice yea,stars live in LA yea,but is that what people really like?I mean really thats stupid..california is overrated..

Answer #8

go to apple vally its hot but really nice so you shold come here.

Answer #9

I personally hate columbus ohio and I live their

Answer #10

I don’t know I live here 2 it aint all that great it’s whateverz

Answer #11

because billie joe armstrong lives there! :D oh and it really sounds like a fun place 2 b!

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