Why won't my brake lights work?

I changed the brake switch so thats not the problem.My gear shift is also stuck,will not work unless I stick the key into the lock release.1993 Honda accord 4 cyl automatic.Both stopped working at the same time.

Answer #1

My Fathers brake lights stopped working a couple weeks ago i think there was a fault in one of the wires. if you take it down to a local garage they will be able to fix it,it only cost £40 :)

Answer #2

The system fuse could be blown, causing your brake lights to not come on. Sometimes if the steering wheel is in just the wrong place, it will bind up the linkages. Try turning the steering wheel as you are also trying to move the shift lever out of Park. Hope this helps

Answer #3

just above brake there is brake switch check that its correct.. and check the fuse is intact and final thing the bulb of the brake light else the final wire….

Answer #4

That depends on the problem, it can cost $600+. Yes, just for brake lights.

Answer #5

I’ve almost written up 5 different answers, but then I think about what I’m writing, and this just baffles me.

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