Are Monster energy drinks bad for you?

I drink 3-4 a day, and I do have to admit, I am starting to feel weird. However I am the type that does not drink water often and frequently live dehydrated. I never seem to notice, I do notice I feel great after a splurge of water drinking, but I love my soda. I smoke a pack a day, and eat about 2-3 candy bars to boot! So tell me, if I am 32 now, have been doing thiws my entire life, when will I die???

Answer #1

I drink 5-6 a day and am a type 1 diabetic on4 injections a day never really drink water always drinking coke ect and smoking is this bad for me

Answer #2

Thank You all for your answers. I do not expect sympathy, just doing a little research. I know the real stats would blow your guys’s mind, I just seen so many of these questions about people who are concerned about drinking 1-2 per week. When I honestly drink 3-4 per day. I had been kinda weird, and thought I would look into it. I really did not feel like getting scolded by the doc again. You see, I am one of those self destructive people who make no sense. I have everything to live for! Great wife, great house, great kids, etc And I still go down this path. Why, cause I hate water and crave bad foods tremendously!

I have all those things you guys talked about, bp avg 110/90 bpm avg 100-120 both at a calm state of being in a dark room after 30mins under supervision.

I have diabetes 2, take glucophage on bp meds, low dose aspirin every day and take simastavin, hydrochlorothiazide, zocor and motrin for 3 severly herniated discs. Along with glucosamine and omega 3 suppliments

My job is kinda physical, so I do do heavy lifting and my hobbies are very physical.

no excersize, and major addiction in my family.

All the makings of a self destructive 32yr old male @320lbs ready to expload. Which is why I am taking welbutrin, to ease my anger issues. I get excited very easily, guess from being a former football player, LOL!

Anyway, Do not take this as a rant or cry for help, I am simply saying all this so I can hear it mainly. I do not know what to do next. I have tried all the simple stuff, do not really qualify for the lap band or stomach thing, cause even tho I weigh so much, I have a muscular build that makes up for it. So the 100lbs they want me to loose would all but fix my issues. My problem is self control! I need to figure out how to tell my self NO! to all the crap I put in my body.

I suppose I have lived in such a horrible state of being for so long, it just feels normal to me. Anyway, Thanks for your answers, and if you got this far, thanks for hearing me out. Like I said, it is mainly for myself.

No More excuses! Although I do have to admit, my first response is to tell you guys about all the people I know who drink 5-6 Monsters a day, while some of them are the BFC (32oz can) counting as one. But this is why I am the way I am, all bull $h^# excuses. Time to man up, for my kids! Thanks!

Answer #3

hmmm, I already have type 2 diabetes, my blood pressure avg’s 110/90 while on meds, avg BPM are 100-120 in a calm state. My job is very physical, so I do do a lot of lifting. I have had these symptoms for the last 5 years. I am a 32 yr old male, 6ft 320lbs. Former football player, so more of a musculer build than flab, but no excuse. I do not expect any sympathy. I know my problem, I am an addict. I have been able to kicks all drugs except smoking. The monster thing is very recent, so I started to research the effects. Even still just today I have had 2. I just don’t know what to try next, guess hypnotize or something. I do have a lot to live for, great family, house, toys, etc. I just have a hard time getting over my addiction tendacies. Thank you all for the answers, I will take them into heavy consideration. I just know what will happen, I will have a good 6mo’s of “healthy”, then get a major candy craving, and it will only be a matter of time till I am right back where I am now. It is a very viscious cycle.

I just seen so many of these questions from people who are asking cause they drink 1-2 per week. When I know people who drink 5-6 per day, and some of those being the BFC which is a 32oz can, counting as 1. So there are people out there who drink A LOT of this stuff, just wanted to see, what I call, “healthy” people had to say.

Anyway, do not take this responce as a cry, I am mainly talking to myself, LOL!


Answer #4

Even if you’re just drinking soda (as in, not energy drinks, but coke, sprite etc), you’re going to cause a huge load of damage to your teeth from them- even if you brush twice daily!

Add to that a pack of smokes a day, and a couple or three candy bars, you are setting yourself up for bad dental health, not to mention dramatically increasing your chances of developing type two diabetes.

In short, if you want to increase your life expectancy, it’s time to give yourself an overhaul, and make some big lifestyle changes.

Answer #5

smoking= increases blood pressure monster energy drink= increases blood pressure(I think) heavy lifting= increases blood pressure

all a recipe for a torn aerota( which means you will probably bleed to death) your really weakening your heart

Answer #6

The only known deaths from monster energy drinks are in people with heart trouble Still, exposing yourself to that level of caffeine and sugar is asking for trouble

Answer #7

You’re on a downhill slide…are you trying to kill yourself? There’s easier ways, you know.

If you don’t care enough for yourself, don’t expect any of us to sympathize with you.

Answer #8

they are very bad. even 2 in one day could give you a heart attack (I’ve seen it happen) try not to drink them anymore

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