Are humans meant to eat meat?

My step dad said that humans were not meant to eat meat,and that our intestines are really long,and unable to digest the meat properly. So I was thinking about becoming a vegetarian(not a vegan)and replacing meat with beans. This way I still get the proper protein.

Answer #1

yes we are ment to eat meat. Meat gives us certian proteins and nutrients that we need. If you dont eat meat you have to take vitamines which provide you with those proteins you get from meat in order to be healthy. Yes you can live on a veggie diet, but in the long run you usually develope some health problems unless you realy know your stuff and know the vitamines and other veggier stuff that insures good health. There is nothing wrong with eating meat all things eat in order to survive. Also if it was bad for us we would not have survived this long, and progressed as much as we have. We now live longer, are taller and healther than our ancestors who live on a veggie diet only.

Answer #2

I just became vegetarian after doing some research and it only seems to make sense.

Look at the way we were built, we are not hunters; our hands are not meant for killing, we are not fast, our teeth are not sharp besides our canines (consider hard nuts or tough fruit), we cook our meat… imagine trying to kill an animal without tools.

Also think of how our mind is geared. A predator would see another furry animal and instinctively hurry up to catch dinner. A human on the other hand might pull out a camera and snap a few pictures. We are more compassionate and friendly by nature.

There is obviously some controversy on this topic but it just seems that everyone leaning towards eating meat is giving blunt, non-scientific answers (like “uh DUH. Why do you think we have SOOO many meaty animals…if we didn’t eat them there would be more of them than us…” or “Meat gives us certian proteins and nutrients that we need.”) It doesn’t mean that we can’t get those nutrients anywhere else, and just because we CAN eat meat due to our superior intelligence and evolution, it doesn’t mean we are SUPPOSED to.

I am no expert, but to me it seems like a vegetarian diet makes more sense, (based on scientific research and looking at other species and their natural diets.)

Just make sure you do your research and weigh out the points from both parties to get a non-biased opinion.

Answer #3

lol well I know animals are on this planet,but doesn’t neccesarily mean we have to or should eat them. All I know is that I was told that eating meat really isn’t good for you because we cannot digest it properly.

Answer #4

uh DUH. Why do you think we have SOOO many meaty animals…if we didn’t eat them there would be more of them than us…possibly…lol and I like salad just not all salad.

Answer #5

“Meant to” sounds like it has been ordained by God or is something we cannot choose to do. I think it is better to say that meat eating is natural to us. But something can be natural for us to do without being necessary. Maybe there isn’t one diet that is good for all people at all times. Maybe it is better to eat a locally raised cow or chicken than to import mangos and avocados from other countries to sustain our vegetarianism, at the cost of adding more pollution to the air (which I am sure kills other animals as well as humans)? People in affluent societies can easily talk about the morality of eating, while those in impoverished societies eat whatever will heip them survive a while longer.

Answer #6

Humans are omnivores… meant to eat meat is not the right way of putting it, humans can survive on a vegetarian diet… we’re very adaptable, in certain places some people had to survive on vegetarian diets, and in some places meat was more available… if we werent meant to eat meat, then we wouldnt have been eating it for thousands of years… also humans were hunter gatherers long before they formed mainly agrarian societies…

Answer #7

God putt animals on the earth for us to have food. we are meant to eat meat.

Answer #8

uh ok *aperfectcircle , if thats someones reason for eating meat, let it be. Lets not turn this thread into another pointless religous debate. and im sure when God said thou shal not kill, he meant more along the lines of eachother? I don’t know thats just from the top of my head =l. Anyway, SCIENTIFICALLY the meat animals have contain nutrients that we need to survive, now back in cave man days where you ate to live not lived to eat, I dont think that they had soy sht so the ate meat, SCIENTISTS say that when you are lacking a nutrient that you crave it, and its like you know where to find it, like some guy who got lost in the ocean for weeks, and he ate fish eyes because his body craved the nutrients in them, when normally he would have heaved at the thought of eating them… and I heard that typically, vegetarians dont live past like 60 or, but thats just what I heard, its not based on a fact.

Answer #9

I don’t eat meat, and I’m still alive, I’m vety tim..its hard to not eat meat and be fat lolZ so their is a good side lol and I don’t know what eles to say do what ya wanna do..meat eaters sux veggies rock(veggie is like my nickname )

Answer #10

Meat is meant to be eaten. The whole our intestines are long and not short like a Lions (Carnivore) is such a B.S. reason. Yes our intestines are not like a Carnivores because WE ARE NOT CARNIVORES!!! We are Omnivores. We are made to eat Fruits, Vegetables and Meat. Studies have been done and shown that children who eat a well balanced diet including meat are healthier, stronger and taller compared to the vegetarian counterparts. The issue that happens is over indulgence in MEAT. You are suppose to eat it just in small quantities. 2 portions of 3 oz throughout the entire day is whats recommeneded. To give you an example that is 1/3 to 1/4 the size of an average steak at Outback and 1/2 - 1/3 the size of a Filet Mignon. The reason for the so called “Can’t Digest it properly” statement is due to the over eating nature of most humans. The same can be said if you over ate Potatoes, Bananas, Apples, etc.

Answer #11

if you think you are being a vegetarian for the right reasons.then go for a vegetarian also but you dont have to eat beans to replace meat.there are other things like veggie burgers,veggie chicken,veggie ham/turkey and stuff like that or you can just take a protein supplement. but anywayy do what you think is right.

p.s if you are going to do the bean thing dont get refried beans.get the vegetarian one.cause the regular ones have animal lard(ew) so good luck and mssge me if you have any questions=)

Answer #12

I don’t believe in God,sorry. Your so called God made a commandment that “thow shall not kill.” So then anyone of us who eats meat is going to hell. Well I’ve been eating meat all of my life,so I’m headed there kiddies. Can someone please tell me the “scientific reason why people are not supposed to eat meat” and not some religious reason,(that isn’t a reason,they are stating it as a fact) God put animals on earth so we can eat them. Ok.. that’s sweet of you to say,but are our bodies actually supposed to eat them,do we need them to live? Etc.

Answer #13

According to science, our body match vegan eating animal, basically we are vege turn omnivores. Dont look at sheep or cows, take monkeys or orang utans. They do not eat other animals and they are closest to our genes.

If you are saying lack of nutrient, then how on earth they with the similar gene as us can survive? Eating meat is actually a waste of energy, 90+% energy is lost when plant convert them into food and this process repeat on every animal in the food chains. So count urself how much energy is lost when you eat meat.

I found this on some research that 1 pound of cow meat is equivalent to 2000+ gallon of water to get it. We can do more with that much water. Not to mention the feeding process to get it.

If you look at archeology, our ancestor way long ago starts with vege eating, they turn meat eaters later in the evolution (especially after they discover fire).

Answer #14

Yes. We are, but it doesnt mean we have to. We are omnivores, so we eat both plants and animals. so we have the choice!

Answer #15

Of course we were meant to eat meat, what am I supposed to BBQ my salad?

Answer #16

to confused13876 … just because animals are put on the earth does not mean we should or have to eat them. I’m sure you do not eat cats, dogs, otters, crows, elephants, etc… well they are animals so if no one eats them I ask you what is their purpose? They have a purpose like us, to LIVE and ENJOY their life. Not to be tamed, caged, tortured, and then brutally slaughtered for your selfishness in enjoying dead animals. Just because you are told by your parents, the media, and who ever else that eating cows, chicken or whatever else you eat does not mean this is okay. It is sick and twisted.

Answer #17

I believe the answer is actually in our teeth. When scientists use bones to identify the diets of fossilized animals they look to see what teeth they have. Flat “molars” for grinding plants indicate vegetarian creatures like cows. Sharp pointed “canine” teeth for tearing meat like a wolf’s tell them the animal was a carnivore and “incisors” like rabbits and squirrels have show that the animals need to gnaw and chew things like roots and nuts as well.

Humans have all 3 types, so by that scientific approach we are logically meant to be omnivores, (as many people have suggested) but of course if a person chooses to alter their diet for health reasons, religious traditions, or personal beliefs that’s his or her prerogative.

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