Am I a geek?

if I spend 20 hours of the day sat in front of my xbox playing call of duty online and talking to lots of dullards about it, whilst wanking over old copies of the sun and fhm and never going outside or speaking to any real people… am I a geek?

Answer #1

You’re spinning your wheels - as in ‘going nowhere’ - work on spending your time productively, like further education in order to have the nicer things in life and being able to enjoy a high standard of living…your future, your choice…Good luck !!

Answer #2

Im liking the absolute lies that this guy just said -.- I wont even bother to answer this question because I can see deep down somewhere that this is coming from an idiot who thinks winding up real “geeks” is hilarious -.-

Answer #3

Well to be honest yes you are - but thats labelling. You’re just bored, you can’t find anything better to do. My boyfriend’s brother finished Halo 3 in one day! Completed the whole level - he has bad backs, stoops over his food at the table and constant headaches and bloodshot eyes. He says he is fine but he isn’t, it is killing him. Wanking is healthy but constant is desperate. Try and go out, you have a computer and internet so why not google hobbies in your area. Try something physical like dancing (doesn’t have to be soppy ballet - can be hip hop) or any sports like football or kickboxing. Not only will you become healthier, you will meet new people and get out of the house or rather…room! Take up cookery? Or painting? Sounds boring but you are actually doing something otherwise sooner or later people are going to start to judge you and say you will be nothing when you are older.

Technology nowadays has made hospitals see a rise in patients clocking in because it damages them so much, therefore when YOU are older you are very likely to find yourself with back pain, arthritis and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) which affects the wrists. Same goes with computers. Plus gaming takes away a lot of money…

Rethink your life - get a job

Answer #4

I didnt mean to be an OTT prat. But what you said is just pure wind up. If you played on your xbox for 22hours each day… then… you really need some sort of help… and I mean like $50k Phsychology treatments. -.-

Answer #5

so it seems I’m a liar… well I just asked the question I didn’t expect a character assaination. however nice to see that you won’t even bother to answer the question, makes me feel like not bothering to send a reply… oh wait I just have

Answer #6

Wow..I use 2think that I was a geek bekuz I would spend hourz (often more than half the day) playin grand theft auto, star warz, hit man, smackdown,and nba live but at least I still maintained a pretty normal personal life.. I think your wut people kall a loser:-) sorry, but itz true. Geez.. The world isn’t that bad go outside and explore it,dude. your precious video game along with the “dullards” will still b there when you get back

Answer #7



Answer #8

take you`r xbox and krash it man that is losing time

Answer #9

uhh no your not a geek, you just need to learn how to have real fun

Answer #10

no your obsessed my brother is a geek you are not even cool enought to be a geek

Answer #11

no burn your Xbox

Answer #12

Why label yourself when you can be happy for who you are? Don’t care what other people think of you.

Answer #13

no thats what you do for fun

Answer #14

I am geek too. everyday I get up,survive and go to bed.

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