What's wrong with my Grand Theft Auto game?

Okay, there seems to be a problem with my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game.

It’ll work okay for like 5 minutes, then it just says disc read error when the game is brand same with my ps2,and why isnt it working?? and the other games I’ve got work fine in my ps2.

Answer #1

Well try buying license disc

Answer #2

I know I got that one and it wouldnt work at all I cleaned it 4 like ever amd it wouldnt play:(

Answer #3

mine does it 2 try wiping it wth a wet rag

Answer #4

my copy done the same thing when I got it,then I heard about that hooplah in the media a few years ago about a double-encypted FMG and mini-game of that GTA game that was hacked and released as viral video on youtube and online gaming forums nationwide..it wasn’t to glamorous for Rockstar.

apparenly they assumed no computer geek would get smart and figure out how to hack the game to find the deleted scene and mini-game.I have not personally seen this video and mini-game but friends of mine have told me the FMG inculded one of the main charaters of San-Andreas dreaming about having a rather graphic,porno-style booty call with a hooker.Not shure about the mini-game but I’m shure it wasn’t to great either.I love GTA and some of things they do make me plum naseuous sometimes.

anyways,when the video got out to parents and even some politicans,it lead to the public demanding rockstar games recall all unsold copies of san andreas and remove the encypted section of game along with paying hefty fines for adding such graphic natured material into a standard rated M game [[their is also another M rating called M17+ which is for more heavy adult contented and bloodier games that dont quite meet the AO rating,such as God Of War,Rasident Evil,Silent Hill,Metal Gear Solid etc.]] .This also led to the few months where all GTA games were sold under the extremely rare AO rating and a lot of stores refusing to sell the game again.

Long story short,removing the encypted mini-game caused epic glitches in all copies of san andreas after the re-release.Its wuite well possible you may have gotten hold of one of those copies.

Try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth first,if that does not work go to your local Gamestop and sell the game to them and buy another copy of san andreas.

on a side note:while your there pick up some of their disc skip fixer formula.it looks and smells like crap but it will fix any game discs,DVD’s, and CD’s that will not play most of the time.I bought some and it has dramatically increased the life of my games and other media.

hope I helped..sorry if I wrote a book =]

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