Why do people have a problem with girls playing XBox Live?

I play the xbox online an my name is blade queen when people see it there always saying oh no a girl we are so going 2 lose, but I end up beating the crap out of people so why is it that they have a problem wit girls playin online?

Answer #1

I dont play xbox live but I do play playstation 3 Call of duty and Socom!!! I’m not some geek or anything,I’m actually the opposite and I’m pretty gurly but I like to play with my brother!!!

Answer #2

Its simple, guys think they’re better than girls and that girls have no right to try to beat them, even though we do and can beat them. Guys look at us and think we’re weak and if one girl can’t do something none of us can. They also try to act tough or be sarcastic about bein afraid and all that crap just to be superior and act like girls can’t do anything that a guy can.

Answer #3

It’s just that not very many girls play video games a lot I guess. I dunno.

Answer #4

I don’t know I play it so wats up with that people are just hatin on us girls lol

Answer #5

Guess what? Science proved men are naturally smarter than women. No wonder girls are so awful at video games compared to men. God gave women one task; please and comfort the male–and they’re doing a pretty crappy job with all this ‘Women’s rights’ garbage. grow up and go give out some p*ssy( oh and I can’t belive God made sex 3 times more pleasuring for females :/ ).

Answer #6

I’ve been playing video games since I was 5 and im 20 now and mainly more “guy” games COD, gears etc. I have had an xbox live account for a year now and the ammount of time I get “Oh your a girl your going to lose” or “why are you playing xbox” or a perverted comments that I wont repeat, is ridiculous. If I win its classed as being lucky because surely a girl cant beat a guy right guys? haha. I guess guys just dont like the fact that they may lose to a girl, or they think its their “place” tbh I dont really know BUT what I do know is it shouldn’t stop a girl playing video games. =) Happy gaming girls!

Answer #7

guys are just nervous of playing with chicks because they no if they get beatin they will look bad, your threatening they’re manhood…but so they should be nervous…everyone knows girls can do anything guys can do…but better!!! :p xx

Answer #8

ahh I dont no I play it tooo I loveee itt!!!

Answer #9

im a girl and ply on 360 =]

Answer #10

I would love to find a girl that plays video games it would be great to have her say she what to with you not say “You love video game more then me” but yes some guys may go crazy and act that way.

Answer #11

I don’t really play xbox live anymore, but I still play video games way more than my boyfriend and I beat him at a lot of games espcially halo 3 he’s rubbish at it. I also have more consoles than him. I think it’s stupid that guys say were rubbish just cause we’re girls.

Answer #12

chick im 24 and I play wbox live I’ve been kicked out of so many games its unreal but guys hate it wheni beat them at gears of war lol you keep playing be a indvidual xx

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