World of Warcraft slang words.

Okay, I love World of Warcraft and I play way too much. I use words in the game that bleed into my everyday language like “pwned”. (ie, I stealthed up to that ‘lock and pwned him) Today I learned on the Urban Dictionary a word called “teafragging” which is a funny thing to do to a character you defeated. I know there is tons of slang in the game, but there is so much to find online. Does anyone know any good WOW terms I should know and there definition?

Answer #1

Lmao. Me and my friends are also huge WOW geeks. We call each other Noobs,and refer to ourselves at L337s. Glad to know Im not the only nerd out there wh takes World of Warcraft into my outside life. Ahah.

Answer #2

ninja - someone who needs everything in an instance nerf - a characters move, or character, become totally useless due to the moves or abilities of another class grind - where you kill npcs so much that you gain large amounts of xp theres a lot but as belindaleigh said itll just come to you at certain moments

Answer #3

wow I dont what to get kicked off but you need a life sry

Answer #4

Look up Dood Speak.

Answer #5

But anyway those arn’t really WoW slang words… They are game words… Nerf means to lower anything ex. You do 100 dmg you got nerfed you do 50 dmg. Ninja is when you steal something in an instance that’s not yours… Grind is when you mass kill or repetivly kill or do something in an effort to get exp,money etc. There are a lot of other words but LEARN WHAT THEY MEAN PLEASE. Also to actually make it a slang word… lots of people have to know it and say it… not something you make up with 3 or 4 friends and spam.

Answer #6

Leroy. as in “LEEEROOOYYY!!” when you go into the battlefeild alone. “J00” mispelling of you “n00b” - stupid person who chatspeaks on purpose.

You really have to pick all of these up along the way of inter-webbing, I’d write a book but they only come to you at certain moments XD

Answer #7


SOHF - Sence of humor failour Faceraped - Been pwnt by a boar or a warrior Buttsecksed - Been pwnt by a rogue or cat druid Instakilled - Walking into someone and 1 hit KOing Shocked - Frost shcoking people on mounts Totemised - Killing someone with a totem Forks - Fugly orcs :D Noobids - Druids that have moonfire on every single action button, including mouse clicks

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