How would my allergies be with a hairless cat?

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im allergic to cats but would i be allergic to bald ones?

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As far as I know, no. I known people who were allergic to cat fur and had them, so if that's the case you should be fine.

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Yes, you would be. Usually it is the cat saliva and dander (skin cells) that a person is allergic to. Having a bald cat wouldnt change that.

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There is still some fur on the "hairless" cat. People with mild allergies can be around them, but if yours are bad it will still affect you. You can try to bathe the hairless cat regulary to try to reduce it too.

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If you are allergic to a cat or dog, there is no specific breed that you will not be allergic to. Like ty said, saliva and dander are usually what people are allergic to, not the fur.

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You'd be "less" allergic for for not allergic at all, it would depend on the amount of dander....and that varies with individual cats.

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Hairless or not, you might find comfort in knowing that the human body is amazing and will adapt to almost anything.

I'm asthmatic with horrible allergies and when I decided to adopt 2 cats and 1 dog I was worried. I went for it anyway and my allergies where bad for the first month. Now 3 years later, I have no problems with allergies because somehow my body has adapted to the cats and dog.

Good luck and remember that if you want love (even pet love) we all have to sacrifice a little =)

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I'm not sure about a hairless cat. If you are thinking about getting a cat but are allergic you should get a is bred specifically for people with cat allergies...they are hypoallergenic and minimal shedding but are quite daughter is allergic to cats so we bought a rag doll and she hasn't had any problems. Rag dolls are an awesome breed and are actually the worlds largest domestic breed of cat and a full grown male can reach up to like 30 should google the breed cause they are really interesting as well as hypoallergenic :)

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