Is it bad if i accidently had two tampons in at the same time?

Well.... I'm on my period and I had a tampon in, but I didn't know I did and then I went to the bathroom and put another one in. It felt kind of uncomfortable, but I ignored it. Then I went to the bathroom about an hour later and I pulled out my tampon and I noticed there was another string and I had two tampons in!!! I freaked out so bad. Is it bad that I had that for about an hour?

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if your flow was light, and the tampons were in longer than 4 hours, yes. but how can you accidently put two tampons in?

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Read the discription...

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Not unless you show signs of TSS...If not you should be fine. Though you should be careful with that since you could be doubling your risk of TSS which occurs with tampons....Hope I Helped!

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For just one hour there shouldn't be any side-effects, no. Read the leaflet that comes in the packet. But.. how can that happen? I don't even understand how you could do that. I've never come across this happening before, and I've heard some weird tampon stories. :|

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That wouldn't double the risk.

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^ thats was i was thinking too...

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I did and still don't know how you managed to get the 2nd one in without noticing... You'll be fine.

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OMG I DID THAT TOO!!!!!!! lol i pulled the one out. looked down to put the other one in, saw another string nd was like, what the fVck? lol nothing bad happened to me, i didnt even feel them both in there, so youll be fine =) nd i had them in like 10 hours lmfao

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Stuff happens to different people.

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Blad, HOW? I just can't fathom! It's like, flabbergasting. The shock that this is a common occurrence is actually making me so British right now. Cor blimey.

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What do you mean by that..?

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cuz like, i woke up got ready for school forgot i had one in. out another one in. i couldnt even tell the difference, i kinda freaked when i saw the other string tho, the second thing outta my mouth was: HOW?!?

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That is why I said it could. I didn't say it was going to double her risk, I simply meant it may be possible for it to double her risk. :)

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Lol. The first thing being.. WTF? aha

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Fair do's :)

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yes. lol

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umm its bad if you leave them in too long it has toxic stuff so it could harm your body

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In general, using two tampons is NOT recommended. Since you didn't have them in for that long, however, you should be fine. Just be sure to double check next time before putting another in. ^^

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omg this happend to me too!!! i guess like it was time to change my tampon and like i forgot to pull out the one that was in me already and soo i just put in th new one while having one in me already...untill i rememberd that i ddnt pull out the old one before i put in the new one so i went to go fix it!!! Lol i felt sooooooooooooo dumb

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I knew a girl who put THREE tampons in at once, because she kept forgetting. Nothing really bad happened to her (no TSS) but she needed help getting the third one out, which was utterly humiliating for her. Personally, I don't understand how you can possibly forget you have a tampon in in the first place. Anyway, to answer your question, no it isn't bad unless you start getting a fever or other signs of TSS. Just next time make sure to take the first tampon out before you put in another one.

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