Abs, Biceps, Pecs?

Hey dude. I am trying to get a sick pack too. I am 16 too. How do you get your kind of abs? I am doing 50 sit ups a day. and am doing 3 sets of 10 push ups. Will this allow me to get a 6 pack and biceps and good pecs? What stuff can I do at home without weights to get better pecs and abs and biceps. thanks dude.

Answer #1

Just do the maximum amount of workouts you can everyday, your bound to improve!

Answer #2

you need to work on your lower back muscles too. your abs and lower back muscles are used for posture so if you overwork one side your posture will suffer. doing exercises for both these areas AND watching your diet AND lowering your boyfriend% will get you a better 6pack!!!

Answer #3

To get a six pack the most important thing is to lower your body fat which makes your abs visible. To do this you must eat a balanced diet without any fatty foods or foods high in calories. If your abs are already visible but not very well defined, exercises such as crunches and bicycles help them stand out and give more of a ripped look.

For your abs I suggest doing as many crunches as you can then have a 1-5 minute break, then do same twice again which is a total of 3 sets. Then do 3 sets of bicycles with a break inbetween. I suggest you do each of these exercises everyday of the week. You should see results in a maximum of 3 weeks.

To work your biceps I suggest buying a set of cheap dumbells and doing concentration curls with 3 sets of maximum repitions. If you can find anything to hang off pull ups would be ideal again do 3 sets of maximum repitions.

For chest I suggest doing 3 sets of pushups until failiure. Pushups are a great exercise which work your chest and triceps. I also suggest that you do chair dips for you triceps because your triceps are very important in increasing the size of your arm.

If your not sure how to do any of these exercises please search for a quick tutorial on YouTube. Also I suggest you go on scoobysworkshop(.)com which is a very good completely free website which has helped me out a lot. Hope this helps

Answer #4

the truth is everyone NONE of you need to wrok as hard as you think all you need to do is this for a quality six pack or more if wanted… do 10 normal crunches do 15 side crunches where you bring your body up to the side *do 15 leg lifts all you do is lift your legs up and hold them for 10 seconds if you do this 3 or 4 times a week I promise you that you will have a great six pack if you keep at it.

hope this helps everyone

Answer #5

you should work on your biceps with this routine use dumbells the highest weight you can and do 10 reps of 5 hope it works because it did with me

Answer #6

alright..what I do is I do treadmill 3 times and burn 150 calories each time. that is good cardio to get your body ready, I do 50 sit ups and pushups after everytime(I also go to the gym 3 times a week) but if you just do the treadmill pushup situps you will get the body you want. but working out is only 30% it is 70% what you eat you have to eat healthy good luck!

Answer #7

Dude, having a six pack has barly anything to do with exorsise… Everyone has the muscles that form it, just people with visable ones have eather less fat, or tissue over it… Most people with six packs are less healthy then people who dont have them, because of a protine deficiancy… Pecks are different, you can get them easyer then have a six pack, because you have a choice weathe to have them or not… You need to be doing alot of upper body work, including chin ups (twice as many reps as how heavy you are, then a half an hour break, and repeat). Bar bells, (lift one of the most you can lift… Then go down a weight and do ten, and then go down a weight and do twenty) and side lifts with dumbells. If you keep that up for a few months you’l have realy pronounced pecks.

Answer #8

50 sit ups a day will not do u any good at all you should be doing at least 1000 sit ups with is 10 sets of 10 reps.. i really dont know about pecks i dont work mine out really.. for ur biceps shoulders and tryceps… keep doing push ups.. but increase wht ur doing and do 8 reps of ten and in a month w/a good helthy diet ull see great results im a wrestler and i do this stuff everyday hit me back justin

Answer #9

loool 1000 sit ups! hes crazy. for a six pack try these workouts, they gave me much better results than just sit ups alone and their easy and simple to do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmDoWKkB_U8 it worked very well for me I was actually quite surprised but I duno if itll work with everyone. worth a try tho definately

Answer #10

to the guy that said diet is the way to get abs, thumbs up. thats what you need to do, mainly just low low low salt intake and less water consumption aswell, but dont do this diet for long because this is the fast and easy way that body builders only do for about two months for a show. also, in general to build muscle on any body part go to the gym. its hard to build muscle mass by only doing bodyweight exercises.

Answer #11

Don’t listen to the kid that said 1000 sit ups a day, that’s bad for you. Buy a gym ball from a store and do like 50 CRUNCHES and hold at the top for 3 seconds each. GOOD LUCK!

Answer #12

my brother is all about gettin into shape like that 2 and so if u want abs u need to have a machine that lets u go back and forth when ur doin sit ups and u will get abs faster is wat i hav been told at the gym also y dont u just join a gym some gyms have personal trainers that r free 4 a month or so but by then u should no wat 2 do so u dont hav 2 pay

Answer #13

Do sets of 300 sit-ups that doesent over load you and its effective like 300 once every day for a week then wait two days and repeat. and do lots a push-ups

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