Do you think abortions should be made illegal?

Abortion is sick!!!I just got done seeing some pictures & videos of abortions && that is sick & unusual punishment to a poor little baby…I can’t imagine who would EVER do something like that to someone that is coming from you in the amendments it clearly states that EVERY life has their rights & that includes the babies right to being one our three unalienable rights are LIFE,liberty & the pursuit of happiness & yes a women has the control of their body but that does not include when you have another life that’s coming I’m 14 & I can never imagine having an abortion if I get pregnat that’s MY mistake not the baby the baby didn’t ask to be born abortion is wrong under whatever circumstances & should be illegal & by the way murder is an unforgivable sin so if you have an abortion you can pretty much get ready for h3ll because you taking someones life no matter how small or how old!there is so many couples that would give anything to get pregnat & yet stupid immature girl are going out having sex & getting abortions it makes me sick to even think about that & if you think abortion is not wrong I suggest you go look up some videos & pictures maybe that will change your mind!does anyone else here thing abortions should be iilegal & that it is wrong & cruel??

Answer #1

agreed with editor,

as long as the fetus hasnt developed its organs it isnt more than a ‘parasite’ and it isnt living because it cannot feel, think, or act at all

as for the rape babys NO ONE WOULD HAVE ONE. blind people like you say it is good and all. you are wrong! I see your imagination has very low boundaries so let me explain it a bit better. FEAR is caused by rape, the persons face will always be burned into your mind the baby will look like the rapist more or less and you will be viewed negatively in society (no they wont applaud you), keeping such a baby is psychologically very very hard. looking at his/her face without remembering the fear and desperation of that moment is very hard, the child will be hasled and laughed at in school and generally will have a very hard life, for the fact he is a criminals child. period.

Answer #2


If you want the government to make abortions illegal, and take away that choice, what other choices would you be “OK” with them taking away?

Anyway, lots of answers here:

To recap my view,

I love all these people who say it’s ‘wrong’ and have no scientific evidence to back up why. Just that it’s a ‘person’. It’s a glob of flesh that is literally attached to the mother by a cord—technically a parasite, not a person. If the Mother cannot mentally or physically care for the child, there is nothing wrong, in my opinion, from getting an abortion. It’s much better than bringing babies into the world where they will grow up unloved and unhappy.

The only time I disagree with abortion is when it is in the final trimester of a pregnancy, and/or the person elects to repeatedly use abortion as a method of birth control.

Answer #3

Abortion is wrong and disgusting and there is nothing that will change my mind about that. I honestly do not see how anyone can have that done, they are killing a part of themselves. A baby is half it’s mother and half it’s father and anyone who can kill (or think about killing…) a part of themselves that, if allowed to live, would be the most beautiful thing in the world to them, has no heart. If you don’t want kids, be responsible and use protection. if you can’t do that, you deserve whatever God gives you, and you should not be allowed to abort the baby, it’s not their fault that you are irresponsible and stupid. And people who are raped, I can kind of see it there, but it’s not the baby who should be punished, it’s the man that did it. Keep the baby and put the idiot behind bars for life.

Answer #4

sadielynn1447, you said you were having an abortion. Did you go through with it? You felt nothing was morally wrong with it before. Have you experienced any side effects now afterwards? psychological or physical? Reply.

Answer #5

I can understand people who are against abortion and say sh.t all the time about it when they’ve never even been pregnant or they’ve never had an abortion. I’m fifteen and I am 4 weeks pregnant. If you think that’s wrong, then fine. You can have your own opinion. Right now, my embyro isn’t even forming yet and is have the size of a piece of rice. It’s heartbeat isn’t beating yet for another two weeks. Everyone can say they’re anti-abortion as of now, but when it comes to you getting pregnant and hard for you or anyone to take care of it - what are you going to do, give it a miserable life after you have it, or have more problems during labor than actually having abortion. Some young teens who have babies either beat their children and not know how to take care of it, or some fostor cares do the same. Not every teen mother, or fostor care is like this, but it’s hard to believe that some are. I’m having an abortion here in two more days. The embyro is barely anything now, and won’t know anything. It’s nothing but a piece of tissue right now. I mean, once it started forming, I’d deffinitly keep it. But right now, it’s safest.

And do you know where exactly and how long ago those pictures and videos were taken? Probably not, a lot of pictures of fetuses were cut out of the whom - I’m sure that’s illegal now. And some of the places that get the baby out, can sometimes be illegal places. It’s not all true. Abortion is quite safe these days. I mean, I’m only 4 weeks, If I waited til 6 months for abortion, h.ll no I wouldn’t get it !!

-The chances of having an infection are 1 in 10,000 women -Risk of internal damage to the uterus or other organs is 1 in 10,000 women -One (1) in every 400,000 women dies from an abortion whereas 12 out of 100,000 (48 times greater) die from carrying a pregnancy full term. -And D&C is occured 1 in 500 patients.

Some places do not involve any cutting or incision, and I think that’s a smart choice. a lot of abortion places these days are pretty safe, and clean and know what they are doing. Some of abortion is wrong - like how long you wait, and what procedure you get. Yes, but when your not far along, then fine. And not all of you knows every womens/girls story behind their choice.

By age 45, 1 in every 2.5 women have done abortion. It’s the top surgical procedure in America.

Answer #6

If they were raped that’s even more the reason to keep the baby because thatbwould give women every where hope.if you were raped & keep choose to have the baby that’s having strenght & well encourage other victims of rape to do the same & plus there’s always adoption its not the baby’s fault you got raped

Answer #7

I fully agree with you. informer, I’d have the baby because it’s not his/her fault and they don’t deserve to be killed because their father is a rapist. say a woman was raped, kept the baby and raised it. now she kills the child because the father was a rapist. what’s the difference here, morally?

Answer #8

yea I think its horrible. no person or creature shud die. no matter wt. and I agree. if someone gets pregnant then thats their problem not the babies. I hate even the thought of it!!! I hate it -liz

Answer #9

yes. in my opinion I think its wrong. I would never do it myself. you mess around and sleep with some one, get preg, but the BABY has to suffer for YOUR mistakes?? I find that wrong. I seen a bulliten about abortions also. I almost cried.

Answer #10

Yea its your body but not when you have a life in you!!that’s is MURDER no matter how small or how old like I stated before & I know for a fact that if I got raped I WOULD keep the baby its NOT the baby’s fault & if your a dumba$$ & you go and get urself pregnat that is not the baby’s fault either therefore abortion is wrong because every human should have the right to live once its concieved its never the baby’s fault they didn’t ask to be born! Like its says on the picture

Your body Your vagina Your morals Your sexuality Your choice to have sex Your choice to get pregnat Deal with it! Don’t kill it!

Answer #11

yes abortion is sick and yes its disgusting

but its the last thing someone would do in desperation

imagine living in a family where sex is wrong and if you did it before marriage you would get kicked out or worse (its extreme but it HAS happened) you find out you are pregnant what would you do in this case? or imagine being raped and say you didnt get the morning after pill. again what would you do? have the baby whos father forcefully had intercourse with you or an abortion?

Answer #12

Abortion is not a choice that ANYONE wants, even I agree with that (I’m Pro-Choice).

So I trust that when you become sexually active you will DEFINITELY use birth control. That way you won’t have to ever face this question. (And keep the morning after pill on hand if your birth control method is condoms.)

Yes, it’s great to practice abstinance, but few actually do. Yea, I know, you all do … until you don’t!

Answer #13

Unless you are now carrying or have carried to term a child conceived by rape, you don’t know what the hell you’d do. I hope you never have to find out.

Answer #14

ghostlypwincezz_sodamn_glamorous- Do you freak and kill spiders when you see them? Do you pull weeds from your garden? Do you use lysol to “kill” bacteria? Do you enjoy the house you live in? Do you use plastic bags everytime you shop? Do you take medicine to stave off a virus? Do you wash your hands? DO YOU EAT?

My point is everything you do “”kills a life”” in one form or another. How do you even get through the day?

I hope you never have to live through rape.

As for having sex, I’ve never gotten pregnant and I’ve never had an abortion. I have sex almost daily(if you really wanted to know..) but I’m a responsible adult and use this wonderful invention called birth control(so you can “”choose”” to have sex without becoming pregnant.) because I am in no position to support a baby financially or otherwise. Should I become pregnant through birth control failure, yes I would have an abortion at the earliest first signs of pregnancy. (medical abortions - I do not agree with aspirations or partial birth abortions later in term, which I think you refer to. Do some research, there’s more than one type of abortion.)

So you also probably “”support”” adoption over abortion. Denouncing abortion does not “”support”” it. Unless you adopt a child yourself, you’re not supporting anything.

Goodluck with life. You’re going to need it.

xox Sika

Answer #15

^^^If they were raped that’s even more the reason to keep the baby because thatbwould give women every where hope.if you were raped & keep choose to have the baby that’s having strenght & well encourage other victims of rape to do the same & plus there’s always adoption its not the baby’s fault you got raped^^^

Until you yourself have actually been raped, you won’t understand. Having the rapists baby as strength and courage is BS in my opinion. What about child rape and incestuous rape?

All those abortion videos everyone keeps talking about are further along in term than when the MAJORITY of abortions actually happen. Most abortions are medically induced miscarriages at the early stages of pregnancy. The whole arguement is when a fetus becomes a “human life” because if it’s just taking a life we’re concerned about… then why is it morally ok to squash a bug, eat a cow or cut down a tree - because they too have life. So, if you mean “murder” - as in taking life- then you murder all the time and should “pretty much get ready for h3ll”

xox Sika

Answer #16

Upset because abortions might DECLINE !!

Published reports in Canada say about 9 out of 10 women given a diagnosis of Down syndrome choose to terminate the pregnancy through abortion. Dr. Andre Lalonde, executive vice president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Ottawa, worries that Palin’s now renowned decision may cause abortions in Canada to DECLINE as other women there and elsewhere opt to follow suit. Others in Canada, which has just begun its own national parliamentary election campaign, see the Palins as positive parental role models who could help reduce the tide of Down syndrome abortions. Krista Flint is executive director of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, which says its goal is to foster “a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity, worth and equal rights for ALL people.”

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