Who thinks "sexting" is wrong, and should be illegal?

…if it is between two people in a serious relationship? I just don’t see anything wrong with someone send a nude, or half nude picture of themselves to their serious partner. What if they are engaged, married, or expecting parents? I believe it is their business and their choice…and as long as it is private (only between them) then I see no problem with it. Many couples send sexy pictures to each other during the day, just to spice up their love life, and keep them wanting each other. Maybe I am misunderstanding the law, or am not informed of any exceptions there may be, if I am wrong…please correct me.

Answer #1

no, people have phone sex whats the big difference?

Answer #2

no i dont think it should be illegal …thats just dumb. if its between two people what the problem. if your sending it to the whole world then maybe there should be punishment but i dont think j.ail should be an option.

Answer #3

There’s no possible way it could ever be made illegal.. unless the person is harassing somebody.. sexting takes two people… it’s not one sided.. If a person is uncomfortable with what the other is saying, all they have to do is not respond… or just simply tell them. I don’t think the law should be brought into the picture unless the person is totally going overboard and making threats, etc. :)

Answer #4

It is illegal though.

Answer #5

It is? Where the heck have I been .. lol. In California, too? Because I haven’t heard anything about Cali. .

Answer #6

You missed the ‘under 18’ part. It falls under the laws of child pornography at that point. And absolutely. Teens rarely think of consequences, which is why you’ve got so many angry ex-boyfriends posting nude pics online or sending out the pics to everyone they know. Do I think ja.il is a little extreme, perhaps. But nothing else seems to be working. So maybe the threat of ja.il will help them realize that nude pictures last forever, and can serious have an effect on their future.

Answer #7

I don’t think its wrong, I just think people need to be careful, and remember that there is a change that your pictures could be sent out. The internet never forgets.

Answer #8

I know about the 18 part…but still. I don’t think it is right…some people are in serious relationships, about to get married, live together, and see each other naked all the time. Why can’t they send nude pictures to each other every now and then?

Answer #9

I think it is illegal in all states, but not positive.

Answer #10

How many people do you know that get married under the age of 18? It generally needs permission from the courts and isnt done except in rare situations. Given that those individuals are the exception rather than the rule, I dont think rules can be made keeping a tiny minority in mind. Once they’re over 18 they can do whatever they want. And, you could make this argument for anything. Why cant people drink at 18. Why cant people have sex at 15. Why cant you vote at 17. A line has to be drawn at some point. They drew the line at 18.

Answer #11

It’s a federal law which falls under child pornography.

Answer #12

People that sext always think they’re bad when they show it to their friends, but what they’re really doing is showing messages that should never be shown to other people but you and that girl/boy. If they get pressured into showing a sext message, they should be able to resist it and politely tell those people it’s wrong to tell and show you or anyone those private texts.

But it they give in, they are just as bad.

Answer #13

I get what you are saying. I guess it is just because of my situation. I am 17, in a serious relationship, I live with my bf, and we are planning on getting married. We have been together a while, and I share everything with him. So, It would aggravate me if I got in trouble for showing him a nude picture of myself when he has seen me nude several times before. It’s not like I am sending them out to any guy that wants nude pics, and spreading them around everywhere.

Answer #14

i thought it was ilegal well for kids at leats but i dont think its wrong regardless of age if thats really what pple wanna do then y not let them do it? when u sext ur really not hurting anybody except mabey urself

Answer #15

why should it be illegal. its perfectly fine to sexted. if parents dont want their kids to sexted then their parents shouldnt give their kids cell phones. anyways sexting is safer for kids than them actually having sex. tho they probably are having sex if they r sexting. haha.

Answer #16

its not wrong but in my opinion its a great waste of time…and nothing more!

Answer #17

i think its gross and can be extremely risky of the other person showing other people. but do whatevet you want

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Answer #19

i have to agree here with TY sweetie… suppose god forbid that pic got miss sent by the cell phone company to someone by mistake? Do you have any idea what that could do to you& your future… What if the person that got it was a minor of let say 13 years old…just imagine what the parents of that 13 year old could & would do involving the police or worse… suppose it the person was a sick twisted ped0phile(doesnt matter what age they were) do you know that the person can upload that pic to every & all site on the internet…Do you have any idea what that could or would do to you & your future for that matter?! :(

  1. they would arrest you…like ty said for child p0rnography
  2. regardless of if it was your fault or not, they would argue that those pics werent supposed to be on your cell from the get go, so the cell company wouldnt really have much to worry about since they might have some sort of clause about miss sent txting…
  3. your future would be in jeopardy…finding a job…would be catastrophic!

agreeing or disagreeing to the situation really isnt the issue at hand, asking yourself the question of is it really worth it right now for me to take that risk at this point?
not saying it is a waste of time or anything like that…i am just worried about your safety sweetie…and your honor in the long run! hope your not mad…hugs ♥ Something I would say to keep for the bedroom better safe then sorry! :(

Answer #20

Yea, I don’t really do it…I just felt like if I did…in my situation, I see nothing wrong with it. However, now I see what you guys mean…there are many things that can go wrong. I’m not mad at you :P ♥Hugs♥

Answer #21

yeah, its a bit tricky sweetie… no matter what age I am(even at 35) I wouldnt do something like that because you nev know who may wind up getting it by accident…same with e-mails…once it is out of your hands you never know what hands it may wind up in…just not worth the risk!

Personally I would just send him a pic of the face…then saying something sexy like…to see the rest you are going to have wait til later…lol (might get him all aroused til he got home by just the thought of what may be in stored for the evening…cream de la cream sort of speak! :P) I am so bad sometimes…:P ♥

Answer #22

nah, not illegal. its just an amazing waste of time

Answer #23

That’s a lie. I know plenty of people who sext who are virgins…sooo…yeah just because someone knows what to send when sexting, doesn’t mean they’re having sex. I do it all the time and my fiance lives 2,000 miles away. I can promise you i’m not cheating on him either. Some say it’s a waste of time, but I think its a way to connect to your partner on a more emotional level as well…Plus you learn more about each other. Like what you like and don’t like when being intimate. See? Not a waste of time for everyone.

Answer #24

Lol, yea…I honestly never done it…and I really never planned to (seeing as my bf lives with me) … but I still don’t think it should be illegal! That’s kind of harsh…but, I don’t know everything. :P lol ♥

Answer #25

not really worth doing unless you’re really bored but definately shouldn’t be illegal

Answer #26

Okay I toke a class on sexting bcuz some of my friends r now sex offenders bcuz they were cought sexting. Its only illegal 4 ppl underage. I personally don’t think it shuld be illeagal. If its not illeagal 2 have sex then it shuldnt be illeagal 2 sext. I don’t think its bad, my opition.


Answer #27

ok so i looked this up and it is illegal but by sexting they mean like images like naked pics etc from minors to each other bcuz it cud get turned into child pornogrophy u shud look it up on google it was intresting to learn lol

Answer #28

I think that it’s an unadvisable concept for youths. Sending nude photos to people when you are under 16 (for example) can criminalise not only the person sending the photo, but the receiver as well. Not to mention the many social/ emotional consequences that can emerge from it. I don’t see anything wrong with people of the legal age sending such things though.

When we are away from our partners, of course we sometimes want to make them think about us in a physical (not just emotional) sense. What’s wrong with someone wanting to be a bit of a tease :D? We all have fun in different ways and if we evaluate the risks of sexting and feel like the time is right and/ or it’s appropriate, then I can’t see a problem with it…

Answer #29

but we, as people have the right to do what we please. thats today’s world. if teens want to send naked pics of themselves well so be it. no1 is forcing them to sext. we all make decisions everyday and people may not realize at the time, but every decision they make has an impact on their life, whether its big or small it makes an impact. so if teen wana send naked pics of themselves go ahead. if any1 wants to stop them, well then they need to take their cell phones away.

Answer #30

Anyone, no matter what their age, who receives a picture of someone ‘underaged’ is violating the law. So sexting can get your partner into trouble too, seeing as you are deemed to be under the age of consent. I do agree that decisions made in our youth can often be reckless.

Someone young might want to go and pat a rattlesnake, but letting them do so would be wrong. It is true that they can’t be stopped from sending such messages, but I can definitely understand the logic behind the ban on sexting.

Answer #31

I know what it is…

Answer #32

i understand where you are coming from, but if parents are going to give their kids cell phones, well their parents must think their kid is mature enough. i look at it as, if they are old enough to have cell phones they know the difference between right and wrong. they are old enough to make decisions and suffer consequences good or bad.

Answer #33

actually in pennsylvania there was a federal trial with sexting with kids under 18 caught. they went to federal court, and the judge thru out all the charges because there is no law against it. because its the kids doing it, no1 is forcing them, no1 had a gun to their head, and they sent it to who ever who was also under 18. nothing has happen to those kids, and not 1 other trail has arisen since. this was about a yr and a half ago i believe

Answer #34

I agree entirely. Parents have a huge responsibility in determining whether or not their children are mature enough/ ready for certain things. I think sometimes people get tied up in wanting to satisfy their children rather than help them. I can’t even begin to imagine right now, how hard it must be to be a parent.

Answer #35

I don’t think it is wrong at all. I know a lot of people that sext that are just virgins. I’m a virgin and i do it. My boyfriend lives 500 miles away and we have been together for a good while now. I think as long as no one else sees it or anything, then it should be fine. Its your relationship. [:

Answer #36

ooh i guess every state is diffent i looked up in california i looked it up for moe

Answer #37

know it hardly matters, but over here, we can drink at 18 :)

Answer #38

lol sexting is not wrong at all unless people tend to abuse it. should not ever be illegal though. It a way of expression.

Answer #39

It is illegal though.

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