Are you prochoice or prolife?

are you pro-abortion or anti??

(and please remember that pro-abortion just means that the woman/girl should have the choice of getting an abortion!!)

Answer #1

You said it yourself, no one wants that to happen again. So then why would you be pro-life and want abortions to be illegal? You just said yourself that you dont want that to have to happen again.

Also, I have friends that have been told their babies were going to die either during the pregnancy or right after being born. They choose not to continue the pregnancy and they don’t regret their decisions. Of course they are upset, but it’s a lot easier to let a fetus go, than a child who you have held in your arms and seen. It’s not playing God, it’s making the right choice for yourself and your situation.

Answer #2

I’m Pro-choice. If you’re going to resent the baby, or not be able to care for it, it’s your choice to choose.

Answer #3

ok, well, if thats how you justify killing a living human, I guess I’ll just have to deal with that. this doesnt by any means say that I think you are right, because I dont. I believe that abortions is unjustifyable. but I refuse to argue with someone who doesnt see my way and is obviously not changing her point of views. it is simply not worth my time.

Answer #4

PRO LIFE, ANTI ABORTION…abortion is infanticide. the baby, from conception has a hearbeat. IT IS LIVING, therefore, it is killing a live human being. its the same thing as killing the next guy walking down your street. think about it; aren’t you proud that your parents were pro life? (if they werent, you would be here.)

Answer #5

The government dose’nt have the right to tell people what to do with their bodies, it’s their own personal choice. It comes down to personal morals and personal choice period. The person who makes the choice is the one who is going to have to live with the choice they make, I am pro-choice.

Answer #6

I dont mean to snap, but what about the life of the baby? it has a body too, and if you would let it grow, a brain. who knows? the baby that will be aborted in like 20 seconds by some other unwanting mother could have provided a cure for cancer. you’d never know, tho, because you killed it (not YOU, but the doctor or whatever).

Answer #7

it pro life or pro choice

but not all prolife is pro abprtion it just means that a girl should do what she wants with her body

I am pro choice

Answer #8

neither… I’m pro-choice… I dont think abortions should be used as a method of birth control, but I do think women should have the right to choose

Answer #9

no one wants that to happen again. no one wants ANYONE to die, and some people include the unborn babies in that category. I know it is sad if a parent has lost a child when they knew it was going to die. I know, because it happened to one of my friends moms. she lived and I know she doesnt regret letting that baby live for as long as it was meant to. yea, it was really tough for her, and it still is to this day, but her morals told her that her child had a life and deserved to live it, not matter how short it may have been. she knew it was wrong for her to play god and abort the child because it was going to be sick when it came out.

Answer #10

what happend to thout shall not kill? your killing here. and about the rape thing or if yo you got pregnant at thirteen then you only have to go through 5 months of embrassment and I think thats a damn good punishment. also if you dont want the birden of having a child give it to someone who wants a child and who is willing to be there for because your dumb self couldnt. sorry to be so rude but its a human!! it alive!

Answer #11

When a pregnant woman is killed the murderer is only charged with one murder. There are some cases that finally are allowing the murderer to be charged with 2 murders if the woman is in the last trimester of her pregnancy. Although years ago the baby would of had to take a breath for the murderer to be charged with 2 murders.

Being Pro-Choice does not mean that you want babies to be killed, it means that you think women should be allowed to have a choice.

Answer #12

Emma, I agree with you 100% If you look up facts and numbers it makes you sick. And I think I have talked enough on this subject in the past 3 questions that have come up in the last couple of days. And I still have to comment on that even though it is the womens body, she did not make a child on her own, I do think that the male should be involved and have something to say about what happens to his child also!!! Pro-Life And if they are going to keep abortion legal then maybe after a women has two she should get fixed so it does not happen AGAIN!

Oh yea, and I do believe that when a pregnant women is murdered, the person who killed her is charged for KILLING TWO PEOPLE!!! grrr

Answer #13

I’m Pro-Choice…every woman in this world should have the right to say what happens to her body.

And at the moment of conception there is no heartbeat.

My parents are both Pro-Choice and I’m still around. I’m Pro-Choice and I still have 3 beautiful kids but if I was 13 and pregnant and not able to support a baby I would seriously consider abortion.

I was raped and if I had become pregnant I would of had an abortion…why would any woman want a rapist’s baby to grow inside of them? They didn’t choose to be raped so why should they be forced to be pregnant?

It’s not always about what is best for the fetus…

Answer #14

I’m with ty on this one. it’s one thing if a woman chooses to be with a guy and has sex with him, then not have the child. however, if the woman is raped, or her life is at risk because of a birth defect, THEN she should have the right to chooses.

Answer #15

hmm before my comment is taken out of context… I dont think it should be used as a method of birth control, I.e. if you’re having abortions every two months because you’re too stupid to used preventative methods… I dont, however, think my beliefs are reason to ban it… (even for people who abuse it) Pro-choice… no matter what the circumstances… It’s the woman’s body and her life…

“the baby, from conception has a hearbeat”

if you’re going to make an argument make sure you have your facts right…

Conception: the fusion of gametes to produce a new organism of the same species

are you suggesting that single cell has a heart beat? the single cell that has no heart? you need a couple of biology classes…

Answer #16

“could have provided a cure for cancer. “

uhm yeah, or it could turn out to be a serial killer or another hitler…

not a valid argument…

Answer #17

I think this iz a completely unfair question, because if you say pro-life, then people say, “what bout if they are r*ped?” its just a sad fact. but you asked 4 my opinion, and I say pro-life because it DUZ have a life, and a heartbeat. it still feels happiness and pain. like I saw on juno (lol) it has fingernails. that honestly makes me feel like, wow, it iz REAL. and I dont c how people can be put on stupid death row 4 killing someone, and abortion can totally be legal, and fine. I know people who have gotten abortions, and every 1 of them regret it entirely. but this iz why opinions matter, because someone cud make a point, not 2 say that 1 iz more rite then the other. kewl fact: I was BORN on prolife day…and my mom almost got an abortion. im thankful she didnt.

Answer #18

I completely agree.

Answer #19

I am definately anti-abortion. its murder and if you weren’t meant to have a baby god wouldn’t have given you one. if you don’t want the baby don’t have an abortion, give it up for adoption!!! I mean, how do you think people feel that can’t have babies when they hear about abortion? their like “Man I wish she would’ve given me that baby”. think about it.

Answer #20

Abortion takes a life.

Answer #21

I’m Pro-Choice, not pro-abortion. There is a difference.

I refuse to make crack wh*res carry babies who they wont take care of, women who will use drugs while pregnant, women who will either abandon the baby, or leave it on the streets to be sold into prostitution or get into drugs itself.

I refuse to make rape victims carry that b*stards baby 9 months and live with that every day of their lives.

I refuse to make women who dont want the baby, have it, resent it and treat it like crap and beat it and verbally abuse the child because they hate it and resent them.

I refuse to make women have sickely babies, that would die in the next few months after birth anyways. I refuse to make a mother go through having to bury her 2 month old when she knew it was going to die from the start!

I refuse to make women go back to back alley abortions, drinking bleach, using coat hangers, falling down stairs on purpose. All of these just end up killing the mother and fetus, or leaving the fetus with illnesses or deformaties.

I’m pro-choice for a reason. Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.

Answer #22


-The fetus does NOT have a heartbeat at the time of conception. -It IS NOT murder, if it was murder, the woman would be tried for it. -It is not a baby, it’s a fetus, look up the definitions - Fetus = from conception to birth Baby - after birth. -Saying that it could have cured cancer is ridiculous, it could have also been a seriel killer, the nect hitler, or a pedofile. -It IS NOT that same as killing a guy walking down the street. This fetus knows nothing of life, it doesn’t know what it’s missing, and it hasn’t experienced anything yet. -My parents are pro-choice and guess what - I’m Still Here! -There are WAY more reasons why some women opt for abortion other than rape, that is just small percent. Did you not read my first post though? Obviously not. You want crack, drug addicted babies to be born. That’s real nice of you. -When a pregnant woman is killed - the murder may be charged only if she was in the third trimester (Which Abortions are not done in the third trimester anyways, so that should not even count against this), and that is only a recent law and is still not completely followed.

“and every 1 of them regret it entirely” I also know women who have opted for an abortion, and they felt they made the right choice.

Answer #23

The fetus does NOT have a heartbeat at the time of conception. -no, but it does when most women have an abortion

It IS NOT murder, if it was murder, the woman would be tried for it. -its sad that our goverment DOESNT try women for the killing of their children

It IS NOT that same as killing a guy walking down the street. This fetus knows nothing of life, it doesn’t know what it’s missing, and it hasn’t experienced anything yet. -it would if you gave it a chance. and yes, it is alive, no matter what any stats tell you as to when the heart beats, etc. it is a living growing creature with cells, like any other living organism.

You want crack, drug addicted babies to be born. That’s real nice of you. -whose fault is that? the baby or the mother? and then who gets punished for it?

(Which Abortions are not done in the third trimester anyways, so that should not even count against this), and that is only a recent law and is still not completely followed. -they will be soon…obama was definitely FOR partial birth abortion.

Answer #24

“whose fault is that? the baby or the mother? and then who gets punished for it?”

-I didn’t say it was the baby’s fault. Have you ever seen children who are born to drug addicts or crack heads that used for 9 months. They hardley every survive, if they do they are born with deformaties, serious illnesses, or no brain function. Why would you make that child suffer like that. That’s inhumane to me, when you could have prevented it from living a horrible life.

“they will be soon…obama was definitely FOR partial birth abortion. “

They are not right now though. Also, even if Obama did say that partial birth abortions should be legal - I would agree with him.

There are so many reason’s why some women opt for abortions and I think they are making the right choice. Do you have any idea the statistic of unadopted children in homes that have no parents, and no love in their lives? Bringing more children into that life to me is irresponsible. There are women who dont’ go through with abortions because people scared her out of it, they then hate the children and blame them for their bad lives and verbally abuse or physically abuse the child. Why would you want that? Why would you want a mother have to bury her 1 month old child, when she knew from the beginning that it was going to die right after birth. Why would you want any mother to have to suffer that pain? It’s hard enough losing a fetus, but a child that you have held in your arms? Come on. I am no pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice. In the days when abortions were illegal. Women still tried to have them, it didn’t change anything. It was just done by non-doctors in unclean rooms, the women and the fetus died. It was done by women drinking bleach, either they both died or the fetus was born with deformities or illnesses. It was done by coat hangers. Either the fetus died, or was born with deformities. How could ANY ONE want that to happen again?

Answer #25


So I bet that we can all agree that if someone murders someone else that they go to jail for life. or they have some kind of punishment?

Well did you ever come to think that there a probably over a million women in the world that have murder someone?

Inside the womb after conception there is a living HUMAN baby.

No matter how you think of it, it is a Human. Developing and growing every day.

FACT: the law says to have an abortion that you must be within the first trimester.

Which is approx. 92 days.

at 24 days the heart begins to beat.

at 42 days the skeleton is formed. The brain coordinates the movement of muscles and organs. Reflex responses have begun.

at 9 weeks fingertips are engraved and thumb sucking occurs.

at 12 weeks the baby can kick, turn feet, open the mouth, make a fist and more.

In the first trimester there is about 13 weeks.

and if youre telling me that its okay to kill a HUMAN just because its that small, think again.

Im not saying Im right.

Im hjust saying murder is wrong…

And you can try saying that it should be okay to get an abortion if you are raped.


Let me give you something else to think about.

Only 1% of women that have an abortion is because of rape.

there are about 1.6 million abortions a year and 1% is just 16,000.

If someone didnt want a baby then DONT HAVE SEX.

and if you cant do that well there is something called BIRTHCONTROL.

a life is a life.

and every LIVING thing deserves a chance at it.

If you get pregnant and you dont want the baby there is someone out there that does.

If you cant take care of it.

There is someone out there that can.

GET IT? abortion is Wrong.

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