14 and pregnant

I think im preganant and going to do a test tomorrow but if I am I want an abortion because I need to live my life and get through all my exams. I want kids when im older and not yet because I need to do my studies to go to university and college. So I think I need to sort this out dont you.any advice please help. !

Answer #1

I would never encourage anyone to have an abortion and I will never judge anyone who does. Listen sweetheart, I am 21 and pregnant and I thought about an abortion. I spent my whole 2nd month debating, crying, and worrying. One day a lady at my job explained to me that giving birth is the most beautiful gift God gave us women. That’s what life is about mulitiplying. I was headed for acting and modeling and was working and going back to college…im 4 months now and I kept my baby and I know God blessed me with this for a reason. God is the giver of life. I just think of all of the women who are unable to even have children and it makes me happy to know God chose me at this time (and im young too) (I was 6 when you were born) to give birth and I vowed to myself that I would be the best mother I can be. Who knows what our children will become..doctors, lawyers, preachers, scientists, someone to make a huuuge difference in this world. My suggestion would be to just pray because God will never put more on you than you can bear. That’s in the bible. Pray for strength and direction. I just wanted to give you my testimony. My unborn child is my pride and joy already. Even though the father and I live together, we don’t get along. I look at my child as motivation to publish my book, and a chance to raise a human with morals and spiritual grounding. Have faith sweetheart and think about what you do because I guarante you this you will regret it if you have an abortion. You’ll wonder what if all the time and anyone who doesn’t is selfish in my “opinion”. I don’t want to judge anyone on anything being that you are 14 and possibly pregnant doesn’t surprise me. God does what He wants. The sin was in the premarital sex and not in the baby. Its not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Pray if you think you really can’t handle it. This may sound harsh but it makes sense…if you weren’t on birth control, and weren’t using condoms, or if you were just having sex period even on birth control (many women conceive on birth control) or using condoms (condoms definitely break)…its to be expected. That’s just pure truth. I think its a blessing that you are even able to have children although you may be young. Im not encouraging or discouraging just stating what I feel…

Good luck!

Answer #2

I agree wholeheartedly with Kiasu. I believe some of the people’s personal remarks are not completely helpful. I think Kiasu’s right that some people feel great relief, not from doing something wrong, but honestly there is some good in every bad thing like snake venom is bad and has been known to kill people but it can also heal some illnesses, So with this abortion thing it may be a little wrong in it’s concept but I’m sure if hannahj were to get an abortion she would feel a little better because she knows that if she went through the whole pregnancy her life would not be the same and she is afraid of that huge drastic change and all she wants is to be a normal teenager and do normal things without having this huge black cloud over her and I am very against teen pregnancy, and just for me her admitting that she knows she is not ready to be a mother yet is enough, it shows her thought process and how she is thinking and how she knows this is wrong and it’s not what she wants and trying to make the right decision eventhough she’s scared and doesn’t know which way to turn. And that’s admirable to me.

Answer #3

If I stopped believing in God today abortion would still be wrong to me. It has nothing to do with my being a Christian. If people want to lay down and have sex then they take the risk of becoming pregnant or catching an STD. Why should an innocent child die because of our mistakes. As far as personal opinions being good advice that is what our advice is isnt it? Nothing but our own opinions put in a good way. I never once said you will burn in hell if you have an abortion. I never said that God would hate her or not love her if she did. It is just what I believe. I respect peoples peoples advice. You will never see me write anything negative because someone does not believe the same things as me. I dont appreciate the Editor making a comment about people who are prolife. I dont down her because she is prochoice. There is a consequence to every action and people need to take responsibility for there choices instead of the easy way out. I love your advice Kiasu! You are one of the best advisors on here. I am not trying to argue with anyone just writing what I feel.

Answer #4

no no no dont do that pls. give that baby life. we have enough problems if you cant take care of it then put if up for adoption or take care of it and deal with it… but dont take that babies life away for a mistake you made.

Answer #5

Editor, no one is pushing anything on the girl! This is an advice site and we are all free to write what we would like. My advice is to not have and abortion and yours is to have one if you want. Try and remeber that next time you want to leave a smart comment.

Answer #6

You should have thought of that before you decided to have (unprotected) sex. Next time, think twice before you do something that can affect your future. Or at least use protection. You shouldn’t even being having sex at your age. Focus on your education.

Answer #7

Please dont get an abortion!!! There are so many parents who would love to have your baby! You can go to school while pregnant and just work on finding a couple who would adopt your child when it is born. Go to www.prolife.com and watch the abortion videos. You will see why I am so against abortion! Good Luck and God Bless!

Answer #8

I knew that everyone was going to push their anti-abortion ideals on you.

Do what YOU feel is right. NOTHING is wrong with making the choice to have an abortion. Women have the right to their bodies, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Answer #9

Do NOT get an abortion. It is cruel you are still killing a human being and afterwards you will regret it and have great remorse (at least thats what my sisters friend who had an abortion said). Just have the baby and give it to an adoption center. BTW if you dont want a baby use a condom or birth control damnit!!

Answer #10

Dont get it aborted I no your scared bt my mom was in the same position and she had the kid and gt it adopted by her mom (chah so I got my life!) Your basically taking their life and they deserve it Hope this helps and doesnt sound to harsh! x

Answer #11

And also this is a very touchy subject for even the U.S. Congress to decide on, because everyone has such differing opinions on abortion. Well let me tell you they only made abortion legal because all through history women were trying to make themselves have miscarriages so even if they made abortion illegal, a lot of women would still be trying to get rid of their pregnancies because a lot of pregnancies are unplanned. and besides babies die everyday in every country including this one and it’s not always national news so I don’t understand what the big deal is. And I also feel that abortion is not a cure all, women need to stop getting pregnant ;use protection or don’t have sex at all.

Answer #12

I know aborton is wrong, but I feel that if you are not ready to be a mother then I believe the baby is better off in heaven. It will change your life completely if you actually go through the birthing process, some peolpe just don’t want to go through that and I understand your life means something to you, so maybe next time you won’t do something that will change your life permanently. Besides do you want to go on living your life knowing that you gave up your child ? I think it’s best to just give it back to god. I think you are smart because you realize that ou just want to be a normal teeenager unlike most girls who try to deny it.

Answer #13

You shouldn’t get an abortion, there’s always adoption. But, it is your choice. I know of girls in my grade, that are pregnant and they’re keeping them and are still living their lives and they are still going to go to college once they gradutate (but we’re all 18 not 14). It’s still possible to have a baby and go to college, that’s what parents are for if they love and support you. But I don’t know what else to tell you since you don’t know for sure if you’re pregnant. Once you know, then I could give more advice.

Answer #14

It is ultimately your decision.

I know plenty of girls who have had abortions and DIDNT have “great remorse” or depression afterwards. They went on with their normal lives.

As far as adoption… How many anti-abortion people do you think adopt? hardly any. Adoption isn’t the fairy tale option either. This is reality and people have to make REAL choices.

I don’t know the circumstances that you got pregnant (failed birth control perhaps?) but you should definitely look into other birth control options.

xox Sika

Answer #15

im agenst abortion but in youre case you should kill thisbabby you have youre whole life to think off but you will fell horrible

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