Is 423 calories a lot?

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No. But it depends on what you mean. 423 a meal? Not too much. 423 a day? Way,way too little.

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2000 calories in a daily diet, so no. Thats a small meal.

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423 calories in a that too much?

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but is 423 calories in a specific dessert such as strawberry shortcake an unhealthy amount of calories?

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A little too much. My soda was 170, but desserts are normally high in calories.

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ok thanks :-)

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Grandmas cheesecake is 150 cal per 100g.
100 g of regular bread is about 250 cal
100g of chocolate muffin is about 334 cal.
100g of bitter chocolate is about 400 cal
100g of nut-nougat stuff is about 550 cal (nutella is 547)
100g of peanut butter is about 570 cal

Is it 423 calories per 100g in the desert? Or is the entire desert 423 cal? And if so, what does your desert weigh? Because that will have effect on how hungry you feel.

If you eat 423 calories in a 280-gram piece of cheesecake, you will feel filled and not eat anything again until 3 hours later. If you eat 423 calories in a 60-gram mousse au chocolat, you will feel hungry again, soon.

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That's a lot, but it is a dessert so it's understandable.

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