If you had the money (or the car), how would you 'pimp out' your car?

Answer #1

…had one materialistic desire less

Answer #2

Well first the inside work. Block, cone filter, good engine, turbo or noss, etc. Just revamp the entire engine. Then a paint job, vynils, sound system complete with huge speakers, bass. New interior like seats, seat covers, lights, tinted windows, electric windows etc. All for my baby Toyota Corolla. Haha Im 15 and I own a car. Weird. But I would gladly trade it in for a Nissan 350z, my true baby.

Answer #3

Depends on what you call “pimp”. If adding an underride guard, a central differential lock, a flood lamp, an extra fuel reservoir, off-road tires, a CB radio set, a folding spade and a lot of mud to a Landrover counts as “pimp”, then I own a pimped car.

Answer #4

I would make it look like a hot rod…like the engine on the hood and it would be a metallic purple with flames. The inside would be like all leather and freakin sweet (like with PS3 and TV) I would also have purple LCD lights under the so at night the bottom would glow. And the headlights would be red (like the green hornet only red)

Answer #5

I wouldn’t, I’m not a big fan of cars, for me they are just a way to get from point A to point B when its too far to walk or ride my bike. A necessary evil. I’d have way more fun spending my money on something else. : )

Answer #6

I would just buy a new car, I have an SUV that my toddlers ride in all the time. It’s a great car, but not worth “pimping out.” Maybe new car seats?

Answer #7

Red headlights and purple light underneath would be illegal in my country. So only do that if you never want to take your car to Germany. :-)

Answer #8

haha in china its legal. But they’ll prob steal the lights… :) haha

Answer #9

I want to have a matrass or folding bed where my children and I can sleep tight when my hubby drives :)

Answer #10

Nothing too ostentatious, just something to impress the PUS 5 Y while I’m traveling or parked up in the Manchester area. .

Answer #11

page 10 of my pics theres my 220 gti turbo and thats now i pimped mine..

combat body kit, quick shift, full rerspray, new turbo and loads of other engine mods with loads of internal mods too and oh a fat sub and amp in the boot..

the car when i picked it up from cheshire was in a really bad state. the head gasket was peeing out oil, the stepper motor wasnt holding the revs and she kept cutting out, bloody hell she was in such a bad state. but thousands of pounds later and she was fixed and she goes like the stink.

i had her on a rolling road on at the nec classic car show and she produced 414bhp but ive since replaced the turbo so you could prob add another 50-70bhp to that now.

not bad for a birmingham built car lol

Answer #12

Hmmm, well for performance I’d go with a nice Stage 2 Supercharger for that added power and torque. A small Cold Air Intake will also do the trick as well. A set of nice 17” rims will do me fine as well.

A sound system with 13” subs in the trunk will be sure to cause some sort of earthquake, and of course, tint, so no one sees me get freaky behind the wheel. :)

Though, the car I own now already has my CAI installed and a slight tint. My project this Spring Break shall be rear back up sensors and a rear camera. Maybe some lighting on the overhead bulbs, as they’re getting dimmer.

Answer #13

First: The Car: A 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 Second: The Rims: A Set Of 20” TYFUN TW706 Third: Paint Job: Simple, Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan Silvia S15 Fourth:Engine: An SR20DET Engine Conversion Fifth: Tint: Definately Full Black tint although it is illegal to have it fully black in the UK Sixth:Spoiler: JapSpeed Carbon Fibre BGW spoiler Seventh: Interior: Has to be something that matches the paint job, so probably dark blue Bride Racing Seats With Cool Orange Belts, A JDM Leather steering wheel, metal pedals and Dark Blue lit up dials Well thats it i suppose, Oh no wait i forgot the Orange Fuzzy Dice :D

Answer #14

Definitely! Customizing your own car will make you more unique and it makes you feel more comfy with your vehicle. It’s like treating them as your own baby. Got ideas for design by using car magnets from: [link removed]

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