What coffee do you drink and why?

Answer #1

I started drinking espresso - double shot with milk and sugar lately. It’s amazing…a friend had a machine, and I’ve switched from drip coffee to espresso.

As to the why, well, I’ve been drinking coffee for more about 15 years…as I’m quite addicted, I get headaches if I drink too little or skip days.

Answer #2

do you mean what brand or what type of coffee? I dont have a particular brand I buy. It just has to be dark roast, espressso grind and fair trade. If I am buying a coffee at a cafe, it would usually be a macchiato or a double shot mocha.

Answer #3

you should get an espresso machine. I love mine, its the best thing I ever bought

Answer #4

Kona Coffee from the plantation my sister lives on in Hawaii :) It’s INCREDIBLE and I hate coffee so thats saying something haha.

Answer #5

I can’t stand coffee.

Answer #6

we have taster’s choice dark roast and nescafe gold at home. i drink it with creamer or without. no preference. i like them both.

when im going to a coffee shop, its cafe mocha or cafe latte for hot; coffee, coffee jelly, cafe mocha for frappe; and caramel machiatto for iced.

Answer #7


Answer #8

My espresso machine has recently died, and I’m stuck with a Moka pot to make my espresso…which reminds me…heavily caffeinated employees work faster and better, and I need a new espresso machine boss ahem …lol j/k! ;)

Answer #9

By the way - it has to be Lavazza…no other espresso works for me.

Answer #10

Black brewed coffee. Never been much for espressos. As for brand not all the picky, but I am sorta found of med-dark roast Folgers, and I make it a bit stronger than most of the people I know.

Answer #11

I have espresso when I’m at a nice Italian restaurants but I haven’t found any home machines that make as good espresso as commercial machines.

As far as my regular cup ‘o joe goes. I like it hot, strong, and black. My favorites would be medium roast 100% Colombian or light roast Kona. I’ll have a dark roast every now and then for variety but I find dark roasts loose a lot of the subtle flavors; which of course can be a good thing with bad coffee beans but a waste with good.

To me good coffee doesn’t need anything; why mess with perfection? I will put some milk in bad coffee though.

For a long time we had two coffee makers. My father-in-law had a 4 cup Mr. Coffee and I had a big Bunn Pouromatic. He liked his Mr. Coffee because it could make one cup at a time while I preferred my Bunn because it made much better coffee. My FIL and I are the only coffee drinkers in the house and we generally drink our coffee at different times anyway. Year before last we replaced both of them with a Krups. It makes great coffee (esp. when you use freshly ground coffee and a K-cup adapter) and brews a cup at a time. Coffee in K cups is more expensive but since we brew single cups there is no waste; we never through out undrunk coffee.

Answer #12

Hawaiian cuz its strong and it just has a dif. flavor to it

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