Why do people drink coffee?

Why dose people drink coffee? Especially, black coffee has bitter taste :(

Answer #1

Black coffee is not good but when you put milk and sugar in it it tastes really good. Most people drink it for the caffeen

Answer #2

Coffee is something allot of people love drinking because it has caffeine to keep them awake, and they love the smell I’m sure. Coffee seems to help people in the mornings. I personally don’t like coffee. I don’t know why people like their coffee black. It does have a bitter taste. I’ve had that before, and it doesn’t taste good at all.

Answer #3

Black coffee is grose but coffee is rich in antioxidants and its great for in the morning lol actually im gunna have one now lol

Answer #4

It’s great for many. It helps relax people and make them wake up immediately. I like it for flavor. But being ADHD it isn’t a great combo. I think too fast too much sometimes and with coffee I get crazy if it’s too much caffeine.

Answer #5

I only drink coffee black no sugar…but it’s just about what you get used to..you give someone a cup of tea with 2 sugars in it when they normally have none, they’ll hate it! it’s just about training your taste buds…

and decent coffee goes a long way lol!! but my fave if perculated coffee :)

Answer #6

I drink coffee so I’ll have a zippity-do-dah-day!

It tastes great and is less filling!

Its good for you!! (well a little bit, maybe)

Answer #7

I think the smell of coffee is delicious. & it taste good too. well..mochas do. but bitter coffees…eh..I don’t know why people DRINK them. but they still smell good.

Answer #8

I love starbucks cofee. it wakes you up and it tastes good!

Answer #9

caffeine in coffee metabolizes into sugar and gives you that little “boost” some of us need in the morning to get going . heavy coffee drinker who suddenly stop or switch to decaf can suffer caffeine withdrawl usually headache and irritability. pound for pound I beleive caffeine is one of the most addicting substances there is . like nicotine (and some other drugs) some makes your body want more…

Answer #10

because its good.. DUH !

Answer #11

to wake them up I guess its all the caffeine

Answer #12

we drink coffee because its an energy booster..hehe

Answer #13

Its just difference in taste buds, I don’t like coffee either.

Answer #14

I am a heavy drinker (9-10 cups a day) and I agree at first I really didn’t like it, but while in the army I got used to it and now, and I like it straight black!! (But absolutely NOT Starbuck’s. Yuck.) As a note of interest, I heard from Loveline’s Dr. Drew that people that drink 6 or more cups a day, live longer. And that people keep trying to show that coffee is bad for you, and they keep showing that it isn’t!! I am going to live forever. sound of evil laugh “…but I’m much better now.” (For those who remember John Aston on Night Court)

Stay safe and Good Luck!!

Answer #15

The reason I drink coffee is to help fuel my ADHD! If you think I’m hyper now (I’m typing this at 3:45am) wait till the third cup kicks in! Now I’m “cutting” it with 1/2 decaf. I don’t particularly like the taste neither does my co-worker, she grimaces every morning and then has me pick her up an ice-cream sandwich for lunch! GEEZZ if that combination doesn’t make you fly off the wall I don’t know what will!

Answer #16

People say that coffee is an acquired taste but I can’t remember ever not liking it. When I was 12 I started drinking a mug of coffee with my breakfast. I always liked it hot, strong, and black. Sometimes I’ll put some milk in bad coffee but good coffee doesn’t need anything.

I got up to the point where I was drinking about 1 mug of coffee an hour at work. If I worked 8 hours I’d drink ~8 mugs of coffee. When I worked 12 hours it would be 12 give or take. When I had to pull 36 hour shifts (e.g. Y2K remediation) who knows how much coffee I drank but I know it was lots.

I actually got off coffee. I did a long taper and managed to get completely off coffee without any widthdrawl. I still drank it occasionally when I went out to eat or on holidays with dessert because I still love the taste of it but I know that drinking 8 mugs of coffee can’t be good for you.

Last year I started working out before work and getting up an hour earlier made me start drinking coffee again. This year I’m mostly off coffee again though I still have a cup for special occasions. Now I usually drink green or white tea.

mamak: lots of people with ADD drink coffee to self-medicate. Caffeine can help people with ADD focus on the problem at hand. I think that my ADD is what drew me to coffee so much in the first case. When I had an office job I noticed that the more coffee I drank the more paperwork I got done, the day went by faster, and it didn’t seem as boring. That was the beginning of my coffee abuse ;)

I do have to admit that when I don’t drink coffee that I do sleep a lot better. When I drank a lot of coffee I thought it didn’t effect my sleep because I had no trouble falling asleep but now that I’m not customarily drinking coffee I notice that I awake a lot more refreshed than I used to.

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