Would you be with someone you were not physically or sexually attracted too?

I always see people saying only the inside counts. Am i the only person who could not be with someone i didnt find physically attractive?

Answer #1

I think when they say that the inside is what counts is that you can look past the persons inadequate looks and actually be attracted to them. I really doubt you could be someone you don’t like, that pretty much makes them a friend.

Answer #2

I kinda agree even if it sounds kinda shallow. But I’d rather be with a decent looking guy with a great personality than a real attractive guy who’s an ass. But if the dude just isn’t attractive in general then I can see where you’re coming from

Answer #3

In a way I wouldn’t. The sexual attraction has to be there, I’m not that big on looks as long as my guy is average. I feel that anyone becomes beautiful to you within time, as long as the initial feelings are there.

Answer #4

I have been, so I cant say no, in the beginning there was an attraction, but we were close friends, then the rest of the relationship I couldnt stomach him sexually, but had been with him so long it was something I was used to and wasnt able to break away. Finally I opened my eyes and realized it wasnt fair to him and ended it.

Answer #5

hehehe too cute, what do you think they refer to when they say friends with benefits?! You may not be in love with the person, you just be really good friends with the person, but you have sexual relations with them…like saving abel’s lyrics…”I am not in love, but the sex is good, yeah yeah he!”(good song) :P

Answer #6

ok, now for my answer…if you are in a relationship where you arent in love with the person…the relationship will last for so long before you say to yourself enough is enough i tried…this is done…either cheat on them or simply leave!

You need to be real…to yourself & that person…if you arent in love with them let them go so they can try to find love elsewhere & you deserve it too…find love elsewhere!

Answer #7

Relationship wise, I think I’d have an extremely difficult time doing so. Not because I’m shallow, but rather because I think that the person I’d be with would deserve to be with someone who actually DOES admire their looks. I know that if I was with someone, I’d expect the same.

It’s not fair to waste anyone’s time if you’re not in it 100%.

Answer #8

I think they find themselves sexually attracted but they can’t stand each other for extended periods of time (we’re talking months, years etc)

Answer #9

I’m a really quiet and shy person, so it’s hard for guys to like me for who I am but if there are guys that does like me, it’s usually just my looks..

But if you would be with a guy who aren’t physically attractive, then it’s very likely that you would be in a better relationship with that guy than any guy who is very good-looking yet stupid and indecisive.

Answer #10

not really you can be friends with someone, love each other just not be in love with them but still have sex with them…maybe you just find them irresistible but are afraid of loosing the friendship…and a relationship does cause drama…like this the sex is good no strings attached & no drama! Win win situation! :P

Answer #11

It’s like BK, have it your way :)

Answer #12

I agree, I would word it differently perhaps :P I dont think you’re looking past their looks. I think you just start to see it differently. And yeah, if you werent attracted to them, I dont see how you could be with them. I think the friends with benefits is a whole other situation.

Answer #13

That’s a tough question. Sometimes I go to these parties. Whenever the guys walk into the door, all of the different women get down on their knees and blow the guy some. That’s how they say, “hello” to us. So, even though some of them might not be that hot looking, their talents can be incredibly surprising!

I just love it when somebody says, “hello” to me in such a special way :-)

So, even if their looks don’t get me st1ff, their talents can often do the trick!

Answer #14

No, sadly i dont think i could do it i have tried and the guy was the nicest person i ever met and i couldnt even kiss him!!! i felt so bad!!!

Answer #15

No you aren’t. If Kaleb wasn’t cute I wouldn’t be with him. The other stuff like being nice and sweet and all that counts too.

Answer #16

I wouldn’t be with someone I wasn’t physically attracted to.. But I don’t know, I have a pretty open mind when it comes to attraction… It’s not just the face that attracts me.. eye colors, lips, overall appearance like clothing style (how they carry themselves) hygiene, height, etc.. that plays a part to me…. which isn’t hard to find at all. Humor is so sexy to me, too. lol. But I couldn’t be with someone who I couldn’t stand the thought seeing naked or something. That’s just wrong.

Answer #17

You never know until it happens.

Answer #18

if there was no attraction, then no. However, I think finding someone attractive is about more than the way they look. I know some people who are outwardly attractive, but their personalities are so bad, they actually do not look attractive to me at all. The same can be said for people I know who are not the best looking people on the planet, but they are so lovely you dont even notice.

Answer #19

I was never really into the whole friends with benefits…i learned really quick that I was always wanting more…so it wasnt for me!

I am a one lady’s man…& when someone has my heart that’s it…for a long time….til i am ready to let go(i guess that takes a long time for me to let go :()

Answer #20

Well I don’t think I could be with someone in a long term relationship if I wasn’t attracted to them. But also when you love someone you look at them through rose colored glasses too :P.

Answer #21

I would not because i would never give a guy that im not physically attracted to any attention that would make him think i would want to be romantically involved

Answer #22

I think the only thing people care about is looks. it just dosen’t matter how nice you are, if you not good looking nobody wants to be with you. I know so many guys that treat girls like crap but the girls seem to like that because there hot, me on the other hand am fat and ugly but a really nice guy and will be alone for the rest of my life

Answer #23

as one of the things i like the most about my boyfriend is his hot body and vigorous and fetish kinda sex drive :P so i would say if the inside counts (which is meant to be the mind) then my attraction to his personality (inside) also brings the physical attraction for him as we all say body an mind r related!lol ;) :D

Answer #24

i am sorry somehow my comment got posted thrice :S sorry for that :/ :S

Answer #25

All fixed :D.

Answer #26

I fall under the category that most call ‘shallow’, haha. Straight off the bat, physical attraction is what draws me to a woman in the first place, lol. I don’t think it’s shallow to want an attractive partner because we all deserve the right to be happy and so if an attractive partner will increase your happiness, then that’s fine I think.

I do see a lot more in terms of inner than outer beauty, but for me, the two must co-exist.

Answer #27

I think this is why for some people marriage will not work. You will have to be with that person for the rest of your life and only have sex with that person until you die no matter how the person looks.

Answer #28

All attraction is is what you have agree to in your mind. What you think is great, good or okay, is your agreement. Nothing more. Appearance hasn’t much to do with it if 2 people like doing things together. Such as friends. I see it all the time. One girl over weigh and plain with a friend who is attractive having a great time. With guys the same. Or guys with girls the same. It’s what is in common that attracts.

Answer #29

no i wouldnt. looks are important too but not the most important. pple r lieing when they say personality is more than looks what is the point of being with someone who u r not attracted to? that would just ruin the sex

Answer #30


Answer #31

every holes a goal so yes i would.

Answer #32

ve always said that if ur cool witth some and the chem is there emotionally thats a friend but if u connect bothn mind body and soul then ur a love match

Answer #33

ya…well actually it depends. if you have this AMAZING emotional attraction to them, then yes its worth it. but if your just replused by the sight of him…it wont work out well. no offense to guys, but they want physical love too. so if you cant bring yourself to do anything to do him…might cause some problems

Answer #34

i have done it because i didnt want to be mean and say no but as long as there no t really ugly and after some i may start to like him

Answer #35

I was married for almost 13 yrs to a man that I wasn’t physically attracted to. In the beginning it didn’t matter, because I was attracted to him as a person. Over time, as our relationship fell apart, the physical part couldn’t help but suffer. It truly felt like we were roommates after awhile. We’re no longer together. I wouldn’t get with anyone now that I wasn’t physically attracted to, the emotional is important too. Truly you have to have both.

Answer #36

no i would not be it’s not worth it

Answer #37

Well personally probably not…. I believe that when you love a person romatically you will be attracted to them. Not to take away at all from personality because that plays a huge part too. As a Christian I believe God has someone for me…. that person I will fall in love with will be the most beautiful person to me.

Answer #38

Sometimes u wont like this persons looks but once u get to know them sometimes the personality takes over completly

Answer #39

i couldnt i mean i know loving the person inside and out but how are you suppose to have a good sex life or anything like that if you dont like how they look or anything…….. you just cant

Answer #40

I suppose. If I’m bored enough and they were mildly entertaining.

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