Why do youngsters reject old age people at home these day's?

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In my opinion, I think it may be the way they are raised. If your raising your kid right, then maybe its the people they hang out with or people that are bad influences on them. Kids learn from older people, They do what older people do because they want to fit in.

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I don't I love my Papa, and we are so close, and I would never reject him!

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It is really sad to see so many old people are being rejected by their own son, daughters

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Yea. I guess this generation doesnt understand as well as others. Me being a part of it, I see alot of ppl who wouldnt give their parents the time of day.

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I think it is the way they were raised or somebody or something is persuading them.It is wrong to do that especially if they are family.When you grow up you don't forget about the people that were there for you when you were growing up and now your going to reject them when they say need your help?You'd be very selfish and rude then.

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Because...we all have no idea how precious they are till we lose them..appreciate before it's too late..after losing them crying..and feeling sorry is useless.because they are the one who made us WHO WE ARE NOW...I feel regret and sorry for losing them and till the day i die i will be regret...

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Because society perceives youth and beauty to be all important. Thus we reject the elderly.

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Because there is this idea that we now everything now and that they know nothing, and that we brough ourself up, when really all that is lie.

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