Wrestling, anyone else think it's gay?

I think that wrestling, (not like fake wrestling, WWE or what ever) is gay. the guys like hold each other and wrestle on the ground. they grunt and stuff…it’s weird. some might not agree, but do u?

*anyone who wrestles or likes wrestling, I’m srry if I offended u. this is just a matter of opinion, not straight-up fact. dont be mad, lol=D

Answer #1

For some it’s male bonding personified. As for the ‘clothes’, ok, nothing cooler and meaner than a guy in , say, a good looking pair of trunks or pants, with high wrestling boots. In the boots big thick socks that come up over the tops of the boots. Rolled over. Power statement.

Top it with a nice leather jacket or vneck sweater for ring entry.

Still may get mashed but the power will be extreme! Yeah for men grappling!


Answer #2

The kid above sounds like a d bag but ya you might think wrestling is gay until you do it and completely whoop the other guys @ss

Answer #3

lol, how could you call that gay but not WWE, thats gay as hell. but I know what you mean. I stopped wrestling in 7th grade because of that. but its not gay

Answer #4

It would be easy to come to the same conclusion about football. However, in both cases, I think it would be a wrong conclusion.

Boys and young men have a need to try to prove their superiority. It used to be that the only way to do that was by fighting. Wrestling and football give males a little safer way to demonstrate their strengths.

And let’s face it, the only way to subtract the appearance of it being a gay activity would be to allow female participation. And, that wouldn’t be fair to the “weaker” sex.

Answer #5

wrestling is a very difficult sport that I love and im trying out for tapout and wwe and ufc.

Answer #6

I like wwe because its something different but I dont like school wrestling at all..I cant stand it…I’ve watched it and my friends is in school wrestling but its too much “touchy” for me lol but thats just me lol

Answer #7

I don’t really think it is gay. But I see exactly what you mean. I’ve never been a wrestler because I don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Also I really don’t need to roll around on the ground with another dude in tight little clothes while we grab each other and try and hold each other down. The more I talk about it, it does seem a little gay!!

Answer #8

Interesting points. Gay or not, it’s all good. Especially the gear. Does anybody like watching guys wrestle in boots? big boots are best with the socks, right? They give power. Especially like the Brit Pros with their long holds and big big boots. Rolled over socks or straight up stripes. Nice.

There is also no doubt that grappling makes for good bonding. Thanks for more feedback! bigboots.

What a great way to get feedback. Keep it coming.

Answer #9

omg it’s not gay but it is better if you r gay or bi but that doesn’t mean your gay or its a gay sport. I wrestle and its about learning moves so basically fighting and learning to pin someone and I learn a lot of self defence where if I get in a fight I can hold my own without a lot of face hitting and worse violence. its relly good to know and no its not gay to wrestle

Answer #10

Sounds like someones a bit homophobic XD wrestling isnt gay, I mean you have to do so much to win. grapples, flips, and so on. but sometimes I do think its kind of gay… I mean sometimes I spar with my friends then all of a sudden we end up trying to pin each other to the ground. WWE… yea thats gay period

Answer #11

i dont think its gay at all. ive wrestled for years and im completely straight i have never in a match thought to myself something gay.

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