How long does cocaine stay in your system?

If someone eats concaine, how long it stays in your systems, and is the first time they done it this person told me she done cocaine on Saturday, and was drug test on Thursday, she wants to know if she will be okay,

Answer #1

lol some of these people are idiots it takes 2-4 days

Answer #2

Most of the time employees are looking for mararjuana users. it Can take 2 to weeks to get totally rod of it but if its something not quite a common as cocaine, then you should be in the clear.

Answer #3

They are messing with you, it’s 30 days at least for all drugs. Cocaine is worse than marijuana and marijuana takes 30 days to leave you system, or maybe even 90.

Answer #4

This is The CIA open up!

Answer #5

whoever says more than three days doesnt know nuthing. its 72 hours. and if you need to clean your body from weed or coke drink Covert Labs Strip NC™ FROM your neares GNC store.

Answer #6

yup, it usually takes 48 hours to clear your system completely. Cocaine is not what they are searching for. They are looking for marijuana users.

Answer #7

72 hours max. Anything else someone tells you has never been there!!

Answer #8

I used 2 grams of cocaine, had a test a week later and was fine… I drank as much water as possible in between there but it is 2-4 days detectable in urine, both drug and metabolites, even check on the inside of the home drug test kits and they say that it is detectable for 2-4 days.

Answer #9

I just lost my job friday july 18th 2008 because a test (urine) that I took july 7th 2008 came back positive for cocaine. I used cocaine (snorted) june 20th thru june 21st 2008.. about 2 grams total… then laid off of it because I knew my test was in 2 weeks. Well.. It was positve for cocaine. I was given the news friday morning and I had to turn in my work equipment and was fired. That 48-72 hour crap is all BS!! I went to CVS and bought a home test kit (first check) today june 19th and it also tested postive!!! That is a whole month since I used cocaine… and no, I am not a daily user. I use maybe once every few months

Answer #10

depends on the quality the quantity usually 3 days but could be 3 weeks. i recommend at home drug test you can buy from walgreens

Answer #11

have no clue!!!but I would think 3 weeks…but drinkin lots of water…water water water…n then maybe sooner..but all I know is that water should be alll your drinkin..

Answer #12

It never leaves your system. The CIA always knows who smokes what and when. Nobody ever gets away with it. Crack is sold with GPS microchips inside of it. Made of silicone so it doesn’t burn. They track where you work and tell your boss. Then your Mom and girlfriend find out too. After that they put a microphone chip in your dog and find out who you got it from. They fly over your house in a helicopter and park around the corner in bright red unmarked cars or icecream trucks. This is true. Look in the mirror when you take your next hit and tell me if I’m a liar. Jesus will get you too. Good luck with the interview. You’re now well qualified to be an informant.

Answer #13

im on probtion and I get random drug test every month. I snorted about 3 grams of cocain. and about 2 weeks later I had one and I passd it with flying colers. so I say it only takes 2-4 days at least thats what my p.o said to me to.

Answer #14

Depends the quantity and quality, really. It could take anywhere from 2-7 days.

Answer #15

how long does cocaine stay in your system if it your first time and you only do two lines?

Answer #16

9 days

Answer #17

To determine the duration of positive urine for benzoylecgonine, the major metabolite excreted in the urine, after topical ophthalmic administration of cocaine as one would perform for testing the presence of Horner syndrome. METHODS: Two drops of cocaine 10% were applied to each eye of 50 normal subjects. Urine samples were collected 4 to 6, 24, 48, 72, and 96 hours later. Each sample was assayed for benzoylecgonine using a screening competitive enzyme donor immunoassay followed by a highly specific and sensitive confirmatory gas chromatography-mass spectrometry assay. We employed assays and cutoff levels that fulfilled guidelines required by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services of the United States Department of Health and Human Services to mimic measures that exist for federal workplace drug testing. RESULTS: Of the 50 subjects, there were 25 women and 25 men, ranging in age from 19 to 59 years (median age, 40 years). Positive screening samples were obtained in 47 of 50 subjects (94%) 4 to 6 hours, 35 of 50 (70%) 24 hours, and 1 of 50 (2%) 48 hours after topical application of cocaine. None of the samples tested positive at 72 hours or beyond. Using the confirmatory assay’s cutoff as the gold standard for a positive test, the sensitivity of the screening assay was 96% 4 to 6 hours, 90% 24 hours, and 14% 48 hours after topical application. Urine benzoylecgonine concentration was negatively correlated with body mass index and positively correlated with urine creatinine concentration. CONCLUSIONS: Patients should be informed that their urine may test positive for cocaine, if assayed according to US federal guidelines and using the protocol employed in this study, up to 2 days after undergoing testing for Horner syndrome.

Answer #18

I agree with iaintyourdad - if you just smoked crack, you might as well just lay down with your hands on your head. The cia is outside your bathroom! They’re gonna get ya! Can ya hear the dogs and the helicopters? Bubba! Stay away! I like girls! Nooo!

Answer #19

Here’s a link to a .gov site of a study done to see how long patients tested positive for… read this and stop reading what clueless people say.

Answer #20

It is 72 hours max. The only difference would be if you did it and didn’t drink anything for 3 days. But normal diet and fluids it’ll be gone in 3 days. Im so tired of people posting stupid answers and scaring the hell out of people by saying things like 30 days, no. Its 72 hours. I’ve been randomly tested 80 hours or so after using and it was clean. My test went to a lab too not an at home one. It was fine. Also, the metabolites they test can only be found for 72 hours. I think most people are clean after 24 to 48 hours after a single use but 72 is safe. Don’t believe everything you read where any numbskull can write whatever they want, there’s actually government medical studies online to back this. Search for them.

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