world of warcraft problem;freezing/very slow

why is my world of warcraft so slow I think it my computer I have a hp pavilion a810n

Answer #1

um it might be the ram is not sufficient if you have Vista installed then upgrade it to at least more than 2GB ram or your graphics card might mot be powerful enough if that’s not the case then I guess the server is blocked by too many people so people wit a higher internet connection speed and bandwidth will be able to play smoothly

Answer #2

A lot of people say it’s your system, but the fact is I have run it on a brand new “top of the line” system and still had WoW perform notably worse in certain hardware configurations. This is what I’ve been doing or seen others do to help it. (1) WoW will lag on Vista if you have a wide screen, dual screen, or anything which alters the visual display to a non-standard resolution. (No other OS, just Vista) But this can be worked around slightly by editing the to match your actual screen resolution, running XP compatibility mode SP2 full screen, and telling Vista to disable all theme effects. But, it will never be as fast as it was on the XP system you had.

(2) Vista hates OpenGL, anyone want to argue with this fact try it yourself…if WoW is set to use OpenGL rendering it lags horribly on Vista, but speeds up on Mac, Linux, and older Windows versions. Set it to Direct X and it has resolved the performance hit for a bunch of people. However, Direct X is the default on install, so if you haven’t changed your configuration this is more of a “those bastards suck at M$” note from the author”

(3) Uninstall all your adobe products. Yeah weird right? Reader has caused issues with WoW on Vista for sure, and it may be other stuff as well. You may just want to try and kill the adobe updater and see if that works but I just took the whole thing out.

(4) Increase your paging file to 3GB or more.

Still slow after all this but playable for me. There are in game options I could turn down…but I’m adamant that I WILL run it and have it as fast and good quality as it looks on my linux box with half the speed and smaller card or quit Windows all together forever and make UBUNTU my new primary OS.

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