Wishing at 11:11

why do we wish at 11:11 ?
have any of your wishes ever came truee ? what did you wish for? =)

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I wish for the same thing everytime
im not going to tell you what I wish for
no my wish hasnt come true, yet

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yeahh I wished 2 see this boy hu I hadnt seen in like 6 years then I saw him a couple of days later. :] + I wished my teacher wuldnt be in because I only handed 3 peices of homework in the whole year + knew id get shouted at. turned out he was going home sick just before our class :]

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hmm... I dunno...
I just started doing that for a little bit when my friend told me about it. =]
she was all like, omg, its 11:11!! XD we gotta make a wish!! XD
so we did. =] I still dont know to this day why!! XD
maybe because its the only time that all 4 digits are the same number and look the same? lol.

and, no... -__-

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Everyone talks about that...
For me it's more 12:34:)

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I've never heard of that superstition. Is it new? or regional?

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