Does it have to be a specific cable to hook up the printer or it can be any usb?

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as long as it plugs in to the printer and the computer it should be good to work.

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well check your Priner to see what sort of USB cable it needs, some need a regular USB -USB cable while others have their own unique "head", my epson for example has a square one (unlike the usual rectanglular USB's) so just see in the booklet, you'll probably see a photo of it :)

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Look at your printers manual and look up the USB version. Most probaly USB 2. That needs a classical, standard USB cable.

Probably like this one:

They are completely compatible. So if you lost your old cable, you can buy any matching USB Cable from any computer shop.

If your printer and PC should have USB 3, then you can use both, the one above and the one here:

USB3 has faster data submission rates. It works only if all devices (the PC and the Printer and the cable) are USB3. If any of those part is version USB2, then the data rate will be USB2 speed. But USB2 is usually fast enough for regular printing.

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i have a lexmark printer and a hp laptop.ithink the first USB u showed me is the one.thanks

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You are now ready to print using the network cable, just as if you would print using USB. If your PC does not have a network port, you'll have to use a wireless router, an access point, or a wireless bridge to connect to the printer. These are inexpensive boxes that allow you to connect both wired and wireless devices.

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