How can i modify a printer cable?

Can I take a printer usb cable and an ethernet cable an put them together to make one cable? So I can plug my printer into my router and make it work?

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im not a retard I was looking for a simple yes or no, I know all those things exsist. just dont want to spend 100 on a printer server or get 100 on a new printer.

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OK - quick lesson in cabling and networking, here! USB and Ethernet use two different methods to transmit information. There is no way to convert USB to Ethernet, in the way you describe. Many printers can be bought with a network connection already installed, allowing for network printing. This is the best option for network printing. Another option is to buy a USB print server, such as the dLink DP-301U 10/100 Ethernet USB Print Server. It connects between the printer and the network, essentially adapting a USB printer to the network. Good luck!

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